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Monitoring Network Protocol Security 11-47
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When you click the Windows Photo Gallery shortcut on the Start menu, the program opens in Gallery mode, displaying a thumbnail view of all photos in your collection. By default, this includes the contents of the Pictures and Videos folders in your profile as well as the Public Pictures and Public Videos folder. As we explain later in this chapter, you can import pictures directly from a digital camera. But you can also build a collection of digital photos by copying files to folders that are part of the gallery, by importing images saved on a CD or DVD, or by transferring files between devices with a memory card, a USB flash drive, or other removable device. As part of the import, you specify how the resulting files are named, instruct Photo Gallery to automatically rotate images to their correct orientation, and delete the pictures from the camera when the import is complete.
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SELECT DATEADD(day, DATEDIFF(day, '19000101', CURRENT_TIMESTAMP), '19000101');
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USE InsideTSQL2008; INSERT INTO dbo.sp_Globals(var_name, val) VALUES('var1', 10); USE AdventureWorks2008; INSERT INTO dbo.sp_Globals(var_name, val) VALUES('var2', CAST(1 AS BIT)); USE tempdb; SELECT var_name, val FROM dbo.sp_Globals;
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Implementing User Profiles, Authentication, and Authorization
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Everything is fine In this example, :good and :bad are symbols. Symbols don t contain values or objects, like variables do. Instead, they re used as a consistent name within code. For example, in the preceding code, you could easily replace the symbols with strings, like so: current_situation = "good" puts "Everything is fine" if current_situation == "good" puts "PANIC!" if current_situation == "bad" This gives the same result, but isn t as efficient. In this example, every mention of good and bad creates a new object stored separately in memory, whereas symbols are single reference values that are only initialized once. In the first code example, only :good and :bad exist, whereas in the second example, you end up with the full strings of "good", "good", and "bad" taking up memory. Symbols also result in cleaner code in many situations. Often you ll use symbols to give method parameters a name. Having varying data as strings and fixed information as symbols results in easier-to-read code. You might want to consider symbols to be literal constants that have no value, but whose name is the most important factor. If you assign the :good symbol to a variable, and compare
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As mentioned earlier, group functions operate on a set of values, with one important exception. Besides column names, you can specify the asterisk (*) as an argument to the COUNT function. This widens the scope of the COUNT function from a specific column to the full row level. COUNT(*) returns the number of rows in the entire group.
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Using Server Controls
This chapter provided a look at the new and expanded features available in Office Publisher 2007. The next chapter introduces you to the seamless ways in which you can gather, organize, search, use, and share notes and resources using Microsoft Office OneNote 2007.
Caution Don t confuse null values with the number zero (0), a series of one or more spaces, or even an empty string. Although an empty string ('') is formally different from a null value, Oracle sometimes interprets empty strings as null values (see 6 for some examples). However, you should never rely on this (debatable) interpretation of empty strings. You should always use the reserved word NULL to refer to null values in your SQL commands. Furthermore, the Oracle documentation states that empty strings may no longer be interpreted as NULL at some point in the future.
Planning Your SBS Network
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