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This section covers calculations that return a next or previous weekday with respect to a given date and time value . I use the word respective to describe this sort of calculation . Suppose that you need to calculate the latest Monday before or on a given reference date and time . The calculation needs to be inclusive of the reference date; that is, if the reference
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The Comparable module provides methods that give other classes comparison operators such as < (less than), <= (less than or equal to), == (equal to), >= (greater than or equal to), and > (greater than), as well as the between method that returns true if the value is between (inclusively) the two parameters supplied (for example, 4.between (3,10) == true). To provide these methods, the Comparable module uses the <=> comparison operator on the class that includes it. <=> returns -1 if the supplied parameter is higher than the object s value, 0 if they are equal, or 1 if the object s value is higher than the parameter. For example: 1 <=> 2
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When designing a type, you first imagine the various situations in which the type will be used . The type name is usually a noun, such as FileStream or StringBuilder . Then you define the properties, methods, events, and so on for the type . The way you define these members (property data types, method parameters, return values, and so forth) becomes the programmatic interface for your type . These members indicate actions that can be performed by the type itself or on an instance of the type . These action members are usually verbs such as Read, Write, Flush, Append, Insert, Remove, etc . When an action member cannot complete its task, the member should throw an exception . Important An exception is when a member fails to complete the task it is supposed to perform
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This le declares a few values for the Compile item type that have not de ned the CopyToOutputDirectory metadata value. A default value is provided via the ItemDe nitionGroup declaration. I ve highlighted the changed regions. The result of executing the PrintInfo target in this le is shown in Figure 6-19.
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Network Clients In Windows, network clients are programs that allow a computer to connect to a network operating system. For example, by installing Client Service For NetWare and binding the service to a particular connection, you can connect to NetWare networks.
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Using Remote Assistance with Earlier Windows Versions
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after selecting the thin Categories bar on the left side, for instance, it expands to show a list of available categories, which you can use to filter the guide s contents.
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