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Setting Up a Task s Trigger or Triggers
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Continue editing the solution you created in the previous exercise. Alternatively, you can open the completed Lesson 2, Exercise 1 project in the samples installed from the CD. Add a new website to the solution: Right-click the solution and choose Add | New Web Site. Select the ASP.NET Web Site template. Name the website PubsClient. Right-click the website and choose Set As StartUp Project. Add a web reference to the web service created in Exercise 1. Start by right-clicking the PubsClient website and then choose Add Web Reference. In the Add Web Reference dialog box, select the Web Services In This Solution link. This should display the Authors service. Click the Authors service. On the right side of the dialog box, change the web reference name to Pubsservice. Finish by clicking Add Reference.
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Setting the Order Shipment Date
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Test Failed Win32BoolAPI with arguments Arg1, Arg2, Arg3 returned 0 and set the last error to 0x57, expected 1 and 0x0
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C h a P t e r 6 C La S S e S , O B Je C t S , a N D M O D U Le S
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Using and Customizing Windows Sidebar
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Global Variables
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We can see databases that are enabled for change tracking by querying a new system view:
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The IL instruction that constructs a new instance of an object is newobj. However, no newobj instruction appears in the IL code example. Instead, you see the special ldstr (load string) IL instruction that constructs a String object using a literal string obtained from metadata. This shows you that the CLR does, in fact, have a special way of constructing String objects. In rare cases, you might need a String object that isn t constructed from a literal string contained in metadata. To accomplish this, you would use C# s new operator and call one of the constructors provided by the String type. The constructors that take Char* or SByte* parameters were designed to be callable from code written using C++ with Managed Extensions. These constructors create a String object, initializing the string from an array of Char instances or signed bytes. The other constructors don t have any pointer parameters and can be called from any managed programming language. C# offers some special syntax that helps you enter literal strings into the source code. For special characters, such as new lines, carriage returns, and backspaces, C# uses the escape mechanism familiar to C/C++ developers:
You have more options, including automatic republishing and interactivity, when you save a selection as a web page. To save a selection, open the workbook and then select the content you wish to save as a web page. Valid selections include the following: A worksheet (select any single cell on the sheet) A range A chart A PivotTable report (select the entire pivot table) Select the cells, PivotTable report, or chart that you want to save as a web page, then choose File Save as Web Page. In the Save options, choose Selection instead of Entire Workbook. Edit the file name if you wish. Click the Publish button to open the Publish as Web Page dialog box, shown in Figure 6-5.
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internal sealed class Account { public static void Transfer(Account from, Account to, Decimal amount) { from -= amount; to += amount; } }
Now you can scroll up and down the button list and the buttons all are available; none are unavailable because of cropping if you use the ScrollViewer. Note that the button at the bottom in Figure 2-18 can be revealed by dragging the scroll bar down.
Adding or Modifying a Share
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