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can and cannot do. This in turn will help you with the timing of updating and mitigating security issues. Having those workstations be a part of the security fabric of the network helps a great deal. The Windows Firewall with Advanced Security is located under Computer Configuration, Windows Settings, Security Settings, and under a special category titled Windows Firewall With Advanced Security. In Windows Server Code Name Cougar, the hard work of setting up these policies is done for you. As you can see in Figure 15-16, the Cougar server has pre-enabled inbound rules, and outbound rules are staged so that if you do enable outbound filtering, the core organization needs of networking, printing, remote assistance, and remote desktop will be served.
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Part III:
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You would, of course, want to enable these options. If you re running your own web server, that won t be a problem. If you re running your Joomla site on a remote server, things may be more complicated. For a complete explanation, see 12.
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SBS manages DHCP and DNS with no user intervention required in most cases. SBS con gures itself to be the only DHCP server on the network, and the primary DNS server as well. You should normally not have to change any of the DNS or DHCP settings on your network for basic operation, but there can be specialized needs that require additional con guration. For example, on our network, we prefer to have a larger excluded range of IP addresses that the DHCP server can t use because of how we con gure key workstations and printers.
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A Variation of the Islands Problem
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SELECT posttime, eventtype, loginname, eventdata.value('(/EVENT_INSTANCE/TSQLCommand/CommandText)[1]', 'NVARCHAR(MAX)') AS tsqlcommand FROM dbo.AuditDDLEvents WHERE schemaname = N'dbo' AND N'T1' IN(objectname, targetobjectname) AND posttime > CURRENT_TIMESTAMP - 1 ORDER BY posttime;
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Figure 5-8 Select the first option to begin the process of installing a new device driver after connecting a Plug and Play device.
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The markup inside your view is similar to that of standard ASP.NET pages. If you are using a master page, you put your content inside ContentPlaceholder controls. You then use inline syntax to call code within your markup. For example, the following markup writes the customer name from the ViewData property to the page output.
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door that leads to the gold and not to sudden death. You have but one opportunity to ask one of the guards a question. What will the question be Any question that you ask applying positive thinking will not give you 100 percent assurance of picking the door that leads to the gold. However, applying reverse logic can give you that assurance. Ask either guard, If I ask the other guard where the door is that leads to the gold, which door would he point to If you asked the sincere guard, he would point at the door that leads to sudden death, knowing that the other is a liar. If you asked the liar, he d also point at the door that leads to sudden death, knowing that the other guard is sincere and would point to the door that leads to the gold. All you would have to do is enter the door that was not pointed at. Reverse logic is sometimes a handy tool in solving problems with SQL. An example of where you can apply reverse logic is in solving relational division problems. At the beginning of the chapter, I discussed the following problem: from the InsideTSQL2008 database, return all customers with orders handled by all employees from the USA. The example I offered for solving the problem used positive thinking. To apply reverse logic, you rst need to be able to phrase the request in a negative way. Instead of saying, Return customers for whom all USA employees handled orders, you can say, Return customers for whom no USA employee handled no order. Remember that two negatives produce a positive. If for customer A you cannot nd even one USA employee who did not handle any orders, all USA employees must have handled orders for customer A. When you phrase the request in a negative way, the translation to SQL is intuitive using correlated subqueries:
Description Adds an array of users to multiple roles Creates a new role Deletes the specified role Returns the name of users in a role matching a given username pattern. Returns the list of all available roles Gets all the roles a user belongs to Gets all the users who participate in the given role Indicates whether the user belongs to the role Removes an array of users from multiple roles Indicates whether a given role exists
Whatever the source format, the image is internally normalized to a System.Drawing.Image object and cached in the ASP.NET Cache with a randomly generated key. What kind of markup code is sent to the browser to accommodate images stored in the cache Have a look at Figure 8-6.
Figure 8.2 Starting the Capture Wizard from the Capture command on the Tools menu. Starting the Capture Wizard from the Tools menu enables you to capture new content to your computer for an existing project. For example, you may be editing a project on the timeline and realize that you need to capture additional content to complete the presentation. Instead of having to start your project over (which is what you would have to do if you wanted to use the New Presentation Wizard), you could start the Capture Wizard and then capture the desired content for your project. You would then need to add the new content to the timeline. Except for when you narrate slides with video or audio, captured content is not automatically added to the timeline as it is when you capture audio, video, or still images through the Capture Wizard in the New Presentation Wizard. Using the Capture Wizard The capture option you choose depends on the type of content you want to capture and use in your presentation. Your presentations will often contain a variety of recordings. The capturing options are based on the different types of presentations you can create in Microsoft Producer and the content you need for each. To help you determine which capture option to use, a brief description of the selected capture option appears in the Description area on the Capture Video, Audio, or Still Images page of the Capture Wizard.
You can use view state to add and retrieve custom values that you need to persist between page requests. Such a value doesn t have to be part of a control it can be simply something you want to embed in the page to be returned as part of the next request. Adding a value to the view state collection is an efficient and secure way to accomplish this task. Reading and writing these collection values is as straightforward as working with the Dictionary collection. The following code demonstrates simple calls to write data into the view state and retrieve it from the collection.
Windows applications have common elements to their user interface (UI). For example, if there is a menu bar, it s at the top of the window. Below that is a toolbar. Application status information appears at the bottom of the window. Because different applications tend to have these elements in the same places, it s easy for users to navigate within different applications. Modern design applies the same philosophy to websites. Generally, websites have a logo at the top left of the page. A search box usually appears in the top middle or top right. Positioned below the logo and search box are navigation links. At the bottom of the page, below the page s unique content, users can find website copyright and contact information. By following these common guidelines, users can easily navigate your site the first time they visit it. In ASP.NET, you can use master pages to provide a common structure to all pages in a site. Master pages isolate the common elements of a site s UI, such as the logo, search, and navigation, from each page s unique content. Individual ASPX pages you create are displayed within the master page when rendered for users. If you need to update part of the master page such as copyright information in the page footer you don t need to recompile individual pages. This lesson describes how to create and use master pages in your applications.
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