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for ( claimNumber = 0; claimNumber < numClaims[ client ]; claimNumber++ ) { sum[ client ] = sum[ client ] + claimAmount[ claimNumber ]; }
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The uncertainty about the location of any of the specific problems is compounded by the fact that all the problems suddenly present themselves at once. This forces you to deal not only with problems caused by interactions between classes but with problems that are hard to diagnose because the problems themselves interact. For this reason, another name for phased integration is big bang integration.
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Figure 7-24. AJAX field validation in action The field validation messages appear from top to bottom, one at a time. As you correct an error, the error disappears with a fade effect, and the next error from top to bottom is displayed (if there are any errors remaining on the form). Submitting the form by clicking the Submit button uses the ErrorDisplay component to display the error messages. The validation delegate also decorates the fields in error by changing the color of the field labels and adding two asterisks next to the field. Figure 7-25 shows the result of submitting the form with only the First Name and Last Name fields completed and an error in the syntax of the email field (two @ signs back).
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Suppose that in the vast majority of the invocations of the procedure, the inputs have low selectivity, but the procedure is invoked first time with a highly selective input, as follows:
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Int32[] myIntegers; // Declares a reference to an array myIntegers = new Int32[100]; // Creates an array of 100 Int32s
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Coding .Options
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Monitoring Network Traffic with Netstat . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 12-13
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Contents 34.1 Conquer Complexity
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Clearly, for the minimalist or anyone who wants a single-purpose computer, Server Core is the way to go.
Understanding Windows Server 2003 Networks 1-1
INSERT TOP (10) INTO target_table SELECT col1, col2, col3 FROM source_table;
Puzzle 15: Two Mathematicians
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