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The loop in the preceding method could execute successfully 1000 times, but on the 1001st time an exception could be thrown. If the CLR needs to perform a garbage collection, it could hijack the calling thread (discussed in 19) and make it call an internal function, thereby causing a StackOverflowException to be thrown. These three exceptions are unlike most others because they re usually thrown when the CLR is in a catastrophic situation and can t recover gracefully. Depending on the circumstance that causes one of these exceptions, your code might not be able to catch it and your finally blocks might not execute. The following list describes what happens when one of these special exceptions is thrown: OutOfMemoryException This exception is thrown when you try to new up an object and the garbage collector can t find any free memory. In this case, your application code can successfully catch this exception, and finally blocks will execute. This exception is also thrown when the CLR needs some internal memory and none is available. In this case, the CLR displays a message to the console and the process is immediately terminated: your application won t be able to catch this exception, and your finally blocks won t execute. Since the CLR can t recover gracefully when it runs out of memory internally, you should be careful when creating a server application using the .NET Framework. In particular, you should have a separate watchdog process that respawns the server automatically if it determines that the server has just terminated. StackOverflowException The CLR throws this exception when the thread has used all its stack space. Your application can catch this exception, but finally blocks won t execute since they would require additional stack space and none is available. Also, while a catch block might catch this exception (to log some information to help debugging), it should never swallow this exception. The reason is that the application is in an undefined state now because its finally blocks didn t execute. Any catch block that catches StackOverflowException should rethrow it let the CLR terminate the process. If the stack overflow occurs within the CLR itself, your application code won t be able to catch the StackOverflowException exception and none of your finally blocks will execute. In this case, the CLR will connect a debugger to the process or, if no debugger is installed, just kill the process. ExecutionEngineException The CLR throws this exception when it detects that its internal data structures are corrupted or if it detects some bug in itself. When the CLR throws this exception, it will connect a debugger to the process; if no debugger is installed, it just kills the process. No catch blocks or finally blocks will be processed when this exception is thrown. By the way, some other thread could always call System.Threading.Thread s Abort method, forcing a System.Threading.ThreadAbortException exception to be thrown in a thread. This is another example demonstrating that an exception can get thrown at any time.
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Dynamic Properties
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As described earlier, with the BBP approach, each slide has a headline when you start working in PowerPoint. You then write out what you will say verbally in the off-screen text box in Notes Page view and then add a simple graphic in Normal view to produce a slide, as shown in Figure 2-19.
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This brief introduction to Enterprise Library will help you to get started if you are not familiar with its capabilities and the basics of using it in applications. This chapter described what Enterprise Library is, where you can get it, and how it can make it much easier to manage your crosscutting concerns. This book concentrates on the application blocks in Enterprise Library that do stuff (as opposed to those that wire up stuff ). The blocks we concentrate on in this book include the Caching, Cryptography, Data Access, Exception Handling, Logging, Security, and Validation Application Blocks. The aim of this chapter was also to help you get started with Enterprise Library by explaining how you deploy and reference the assemblies it contains, how you configure your applications to use Enterprise Library, how you instantiate Enterprise Library objects, and the example applications we provide. Some of the more advanced features and configuration options were omitted so that you may concentrate on the fundamental requirements. However, each appendix in this guide provides more detailed information, while Enterprise Library contains substantial reference documentation, samples, and other resources that will guide you as you explore these more advanced features.
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Design: Base Class or Interface
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for ( j = 0; j < 12; j++ ) { // lots of code ... for ( i = 0; i < numDivisions; i++ ) { sum = sum + transaction[ j ][ i ][ k ]; } } }
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Note This code uses several features that are new in SQL Server 2008: the DATETIME2 data type,
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An execution plan is the work plan the optimizer generates to determine how to process a given query. The plan contains operators that are generally applied in a speci c order. Some operators can be applied while their preceding operator is still in progress. Some operators might be applied more than once. Also, some branches of the plan are invoked in parallel if the optimizer chose a parallel plan. In the plan, the optimizer determines the order in which to access the tables involved in the query, which indexes to use and which access methods to use to apply to them, which join algorithms to use, and so on. In fact, for a given query the optimizer considers multiple execution plans, and it chooses the plan with the lowest cost out of the ones that were generated. Note that SQL Server might not generate all possible execution plans for a given query. If it always did, the optimization process could take too long. SQL Server will calculate thresholds for the optimization process based on the sizes of the tables involved in the query, among other things. One threshold is time based. SQL Server won t spend longer than the time threshold on optimization. Another threshold is cost based. That is, if a plan is found with a lower cost than the cost threshold, it is considered good enough, in which case optimization stops and that plan is used. Throughout these books, I ll frequently analyze execution plans of queries. This section and the one that follows ( Index Tuning ) should give you the background required to follow and understand the discussions involving plan analysis. Note that the purpose of this section is not to familiarize you with all possible operators; instead, it is to familiarize you with the techniques to analyze plans. The Index Tuning section will familiarize you with index-related operators, and later in the book I ll elaborate on additional operators for example, join-related operators will be described in 7, Joins and Set Operations.
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the additional output directory is created if it doesn t exist, and then the les are copied to this new location. The Copy task is passed a value of @(OutputFiles-> $(OutputCopyFolder)% (RecursiveDir)%(FileName)%(Extension) ) for the DestinationFiles parameter. If you recall from the previous chapter, this is an Item Transformation. In this transformation we place all the les under the OutputCopyFolder directory in the same relative location to where they are in the OutputPath folder. We achieve this by using the RecursiveDir well-known metadata. We can see if this works by building the project. I will execute the Rebuild target to ensure that all artifacts from previous builds are removed. The result of this is shown in Figure 3-4.
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// This code is easier to write and understand. Appointment[] appointments = GetAppointmentsForToday(); for (Int32 a = 0; a < appointments.Length; a++) { ... }
Visual Basic Example of Using a Suffix Naming Convention for Enumerated Types
Implementing the Pipeline Sections
Table 2-2 outlines some key differences of the mass email options for Microsoft Dynamics CRM.
Administrators, Remote Desktop Users
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Preparing and Producing Professional Results
System Requirements
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