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The query de ning the CTE Dups assigns row numbers to the rows from OrdersDups partitioned by orderid, in no particular order. Rows with the same orderid value are numbered starting at 1. Here I m making the assumption that you don t care which of the duplicates you wish to keep. Of course, if you do have some preference when the rows are not completely identical copies, you can specify the applicable attributes in the ORDER BY clause of the ROW_NUMBER function. The outer DELETE statement against the CTE deletes all rows with a row number greater than 1, leaving a single row in the table for each unique orderid value. My friend and colleague Javier Loria showed me another cool technique. You calculate both a row number and a rank for each row partitioned by orderid and then delete all rows where
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Look at the following two rather special cases of ANY and ALL: X = ALL(subquery) X <> ANY(subquery)
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The second improvement is that works better in composition scenarios . For example, the single line
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Part I Introducing Silverlight 3 Listing 6-1 is the complete code for the page, with the new sections shown in bold type.
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You can also define packet filters in a remote access policy profile. Remote access policies, which are discussed in 10, allow you to apply rules and restrictions to spe cific remote access connections. By defining packet filters and the remote access policy level, you can apply different levels of access restrictions to different users.
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6 The status variable is tested.
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Inside Microsoft SQL Server 2008: T-SQL Programming
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23. Debugging
Table 9-14. Subtree of Employee 3, Levels Limited with MAXRECURSION
When you send a pre-authentication request to DataCash, you need to include the following information: DataCash username (known as the DataCash Client) DataCash password A unique transaction reference number (explained later in this section) The amount of money to be debited The currency used for the transaction (USD, GBP and so on) , The type of transaction (the code pre for pre-authentication, and the code fulfil for fulfillment) The credit card number The credit card expiry date The credit card issue date (if applicable to the type of credit card being used) The credit card issue number (if applicable to the type of credit card being used)
Configure peer filtering on your RIP routers.
Now imagine that CompanyB defines another type, BetterPhone, which uses CompanyA s Phone type as its base:
Table 2-12. Some SQL*Plus Commands
SQLXML 3.0 comes with a handful of managed classes designed to expose the functionality of SQLXML 3.0 inside the .NET Framework. SQLXML managed classes allow you bring XML data read from SQL Server into .NET Framework applications, process the data, and send any updates back to SQL Server as an ADO.NET DiffGram. The managed classes are exposed by the assembly. SQLXML does not get along perfectly with the .NET Framework data provider for SQL Server. SQLXML needs to address special XML-driven functionalities of SQL Server 2000 that the .NET Framework data provider simply does not support. As a result, the SQL Server .NET Framework provider can handle traditional SQL queries, including FOR XML queries, but it can't execute XML templates (for example, Updategrams) or server-side XPath queries over XML views. For this reason, SQLXML managed classes rely on the SQLXMLOLEDB OLE DB provider for all of the tasks that involve a SQL Server connection. Figure 8-5 illustrates the key role that the SqlXmlCommand class and its ExecuteStream method play in the overall SQLXML 3.0 architecture.
8 . . Add a menu to the leftmost cell in the table . To customize the menu, add an AutoFormat style to it . The example here uses the Classic style . Add three items to the menu for navigating to the three pages in this site the Home page, the s page, and the Projects page . To add the menu items, select the menu in the Designer, click the small arrow in the control, and click Edit Menu Items . The following dialog box appears . Add the menu items here .
private void LoadFilesAndDirs() { using (var store = IsolatedStorageFile.GetUserStoreForApplication()) { // Create three directories in the root. store.CreateDirectory("Dir1"); store.CreateDirectory("Dir2"); store.CreateDirectory("Dir3"); // Create three subdirectories under Dir1. string subdir1 = System.IO.Path.Combine("Dir1", "SubDir1"); string subdir2 = System.IO.Path.Combine("Dir2", "SubDir2"); string subdir3 = System.IO.Path.Combine("Dir3", "SubDir3"); store.CreateDirectory(subdir1); store.CreateDirectory(subdir2); store.CreateDirectory(subdir3); // Create a file in the root. IsolatedStorageFileStream rootFile = store.CreateFile("InTheRoot.txt"); rootFile.Close();
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