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private void editContact() { Cursor c = null; try { Uri uri = ContactsContract.Contacts.CONTENT_URI; String[] projection = new String[] { ContactsContract.Contacts._ID }; String selection = ContactsContract.Contacts.DISPLAY_NAME + "= "; String[] selectionArgs = new String[] { "Oedipa Maas" }; c = managedQuery(uri, projection, selection, selectionArgs, null); if (c.moveToFirst()) { int id = c.getInt(0); Uri contact = ContentUris.appendId( Build URI ContactsContract.Contacts.CONTENT_URI. to retrieved buildUpon(), id).build(); contact Intent editor = new Intent(Intent.ACTION_EDIT, contact); startActivity(editor); } } finally { if (c != null) c.close(); } }
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First, let s create the class that holds a single holiday entry. Add a new class to the project through the Project Add Class menu command, and give it the name HolidaySet.vb. The familiar structure of an empty class appears.
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@org.hibernate.annotations.Type( type = " persistence.MonetaryAmountUserType" ) @Column(name = "INITIAL_PRICE") private MonetaryAmount initialPrice;
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Open source (ASF)
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We could go on with more types of annotations and more properties, but this isn t the place or time to do so. This book doesn t replace the PDF reference or ISO-32000-1, and if we want to create interactive forms in the next chapter, we need to do a little bit of JavaScript programming first.
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What you access is the bids collection of each Item. This collection isn t initialized so far, the Bid objects for each item have to be loaded with an additional query. This whole code snippet therefore produces n+1 selects. You always want to avoid n+1 selects. A first solution could be a change of your global mapping metadata for the collection, enabling prefetching in batches:
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Transaction scope is a crucial concept for understanding transactions. In this context, transaction scope refers to managed resources (such as EJBs and entities) that are participating in a particular transaction. In the wrapInTx() method of the test-only TxWrappingEJB, all of the business logic designated in the supplied Callable is executed within a single transaction. When the method invocation completes, the transaction is over and its scope is no longer in context.
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Creating a simple alarm example
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Usually, when you draw images, you have the entire visible canvas to work with. (You can draw images and shapes off the edge of the canvas if you want, but if a tree draws an image in the forest and no one is there to admire it, does it appear ) But there are times when you may want only a portion of what you draw to appear. Windows uses this method itself to save time. When you obscure a window with another one, and then expose the hidden window, the application has to redraw everything that appeared on the form or window. But if only a portion of that background window was hidden and then made visible again, why should the program go through the trouble of drawing everything again It really has to redraw only the part that was hidden, the part that was in the hidden region. A region specifies an area to be drawn on a surface. And regions aren t limited to boring rectangular shapes. You can design a region based on simple shapes, or you can combine existing regions into more complex regions. For instance, if you have two rectangular regions, you can overlap them and request a new combined region that contains (1) all of the original two regions; (2) the original regions but without the overlapped parts; or (3) just the overlapped parts. Figure 18-11 shows these combinations.
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Returns a JDBC connection
Putting all the Azure pieces together
Testing the user interface
The bare init is just one of a few major ways that you can use to create objects in the iPhone OS.
You ll often find it necessary or convenient to make a copy of an existing web site that is, to make a new web site that is the same as the original except for a different name. We do this frequently in this book when building up examples, layering functionality on to a previous example. In the real world, you might want to make a copy of a web site so you can experiment without breaking something that works. We often copy a web site at various stages of development to have an easy snapshot to refer to without having to go to the bother of restoring from backup. Before looking at the different ways to copy a web site, it would be helpful to understand a bit about what actually constitutes a web site. However, if all you want is the cookbook recipe the set of steps you need to follow to copy a web site you can skip the following discussion and move on to the next two sections, Copying the Web Site Without Using the IDE and Copying the Web Site with the IDE.
An on-premises SQL Server setup has a lot of infrastructure concerns that go along with it: how much RAM it has, what the file group configuration is, what resources are assigned to which instance, what the appropriate resource governing levels should be, and so on. You have none of these concerns with a SQL Azure server, which is just a logical grouping of the databases you ve created and doesn t represent a pool of resources at all. The only resource shared by a SQL Azure server is the firewall configuration. Your SQL Server in the cloud isn t really a server, but a collection of settings. It mimics a server when you connect to it, but your databases are actually spread across a farm of commodity hardware running SQL Server.
After rebooting, test the environment by typing ant -version at the command line. The printed version number must match that of the version you have just downloaded; anything else means there is still a problem. Windows NT/2000/XP The environment variable declarations need to be placed somewhere in the registry, which is normally done in the system section of the control panel applet, in the Advanced tab pane, under Environment Variables.... This dialog is somewhat cramped and noticeably less usable than a text file, but such is progress. After closing the dialog box, any new console windows or applications started should pick up the altered settings. If that does not happen, verify the settings (type SET at the command prompt), or try logging out and in again. To test the settings, type ant -version at a newly opened console. The printed version number must match that of the version you have just downloaded; anything else means there is still a problem.
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