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With the bind() method of Prototype, this can be expressed more simply as
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Before we go into details, let s take a broader look at the tools available. Programs and scripts that performed a task similar to a CI server existed for a long time. For example, they were used in the Linux community for kernel development (see But the era of CI servers started with CruiseControl in 2000 or 2001. It s a tool from ThoughtWorks, and it emerged about the same time as the first article about CI from Martin Fowler, who works at ThoughtWorks. CruiseControl is a Java-based tool for performing continuous builds. It s widely adopted mainly in the Java community. It has a pluggable architecture and supports a wide range of source control systems. The build for CruiseControl is usually made using Ant as the build tool. The first CI server aimed at the .NET community was CruiseControl.NET (CCNet). It s a form of the old CruiseControl made by ThoughtWorks, and it s been on the market since 2003. It has everything the older brother has, and it s written in .NET. It works as a Windows service and has a web dashboard to present the current state. It can remotely manage the process using a system tray program called CCTray. Just like CruiseControl, CCNet is open source. CCNet was for years the automated integration server of choice for .NET teams that didn t have enough resources for commercial products, especially for Microsoft Team Foundation Server (TFS). As we mentioned in chapter 2, TFS is a suite of tools that supports collaborative software development. One of its features is the ability to perform CI builds. Somewhere in between the totally free model of CCNet and the rather expensive model of TFS is another important player in the .NET CI server market: TeamCity from JetBrains, which was first released in 2006. The licensing scenario for TeamCity is a hybrid between free and propriety. You can start small without paying a penny for the Professional Edition license; but if you grow, and your needs expand, then you ll have to pay for the license. It s written in Java, is easy to set up, and has a few features that make it interesting to look at.
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@Resource(name="jms/actionBazaarQueue") private Queue queue;
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Learning advanced EJB concepts
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<%@ WebService Language="C#" Class="AspNetAjaxInAction.StarbucksService" %> using using using using using System; System.Web; System.Web.Services; System.Web.Services.Protocols; System.Web.Script.Services;
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Con guring the Splash Screen
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1.1 What is persistence
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J2EE development tools
detached instances.
The code is structured in a manner similar to listing 13.8 for client properties. The functions declared in the code act as static methods that can be called from the client object that wants to expose an event. The first two methods, _createAddHandler and _createRemoveHandler, return the functions responsible for adding and removing an event handler. The code for these functions is the same that you wrote in section 3.7.1, when we discussed how to expose an event in a JavaScript object. The createEvent method uses _createAddHandler and _createRemoveHandler to inject the returned functions in the prototype of the object. B The injected methods follow the naming convention for events that we introduced in section 3.7.1.
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Using entity references does have its drawback because the path from the build file to the included file must be a fixed, although likely relative, path. If the build file is moved, so must any relative-referenced entities.
Mac OS X (or any Mac application) The specification of the AltiVec instruction set A call to an AltiVec instruction The Accelerate framework An Intel processor with an SSE instruction set A Call to an SSE instruction
private const string _baseUri =
Putting it all together
This XML is automatically picked up by the JPA provider if you place it in a file called orm.xml in your classpath, in the META-INF directory of the persistence unit. You can see that you only have to name an identifier property for a class; as in annotations, all other properties of the entity class are automatically considered persistent with a sensible default mapping. You can also set default mappings for the whole persistence unit, such as the schema name and default cascading options. If you include the <xml-mappingmetadata-complete> element, the JPA provider completely ignores all annotations on your entity classes in this persistence unit and relies only on the mappings as defined in the orm.xml file. You can (redundantly in this case) enable this on an entity level, with metadata-complete="true". If enabled, the JPA provider assumes that all properties of the entity are mapped in XML, and that all annotations for this entity should be ignored. If you don t want to ignore but instead want to override the annotation metadata, first remove the global <xml-mapping-metadata-complete> element from the orm.xml file. Also remove the metadata-complete="true" attribute from any entity mapping that should override, not replace, annotations:
In this code snippet, a join point for a field s write access encompasses an assignment to _accountNumber in the constructor. Exception handler execution join points The exception handler execution join points represent the handler block of an exception type. Think of these join points as the catch blocks associated with an exception type. These join points are useful in enforcing certain policies regarding exception handling. This code shows the execution join points:
When we compile and run this again, we see that only the methods that match the execution(void A.*())) pointcut are advised:
this.hour = hour; this.minute = minute; this.second = second; } }
It s important to understand that the ticks for the Timer happen on the browser, not the server. Using this control requires you to be mindful of the system resources on the end user s machine. In general, set the control s interval to the highest value possible. Setting the interval value to too short an amount may put too much strain on the system and cause unpredictable behavior.
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