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Querying with HQL and JPA QL
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5.4 Summary
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javax.persistence.SequenceGenerator 615 javax.persistence.SqlResultSetMapping 620 javax.persistence.Table 613 javax.persistence.TableGenerator 614 javax.persistence.Temporal 612 javax.persistence.Transient 612 javax.persistence.UniqueConstraint 613 javax.persistence.Version 620 javax.sql.DataSource 118, 147 JAXM 128 JBoss 19, 106 JCA 122 JDBC 13, 80, 117, 134, 225, 258, 452, 500 data source 146 driver 656 fetch size 477 JDBCTemplate 225 JDeveloper 26, 659 JDO 14, 28, 31, 533 migrating to JPA 534 JDO QL 355, 534 Jetty 313 JMS 13, 56, 111, 117 jms/OrderBillingQueue 57 jms/QueueConnectionFactory 117 JMSCorrelationID 120 JMSMessageID 120 JMSTimestamp 120 JND 439 JNDI 27, 40, 87, 103, 118, 156 context 591 lookup 49, 155, 503 mapping 147 name 147 global 147 namespace 578 registry 141, 452 tree 87, 592 Also see Java Naming and Directory Interface 56, 593 join table. See association table
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After we find a problem and establish a pattern, our strategy calls for refactoring it to form a better solution and process. Here, we are overlapping the realms of design patterns and antipattern. My intuition is that this combination is part of what is missing in the software quality industry. The combination of design patterns and antipatterns is practical and powerful. Poor solutions can be identified through antipatterns and redesigned into more proven and practical alternatives using design patterns. The process of continually improving code through restructuring for clarity or flexibility and the elimination of redundant or unused code is called refactoring. Many experts advocate the rule If it isn t broke, don t fix it. In the realm of software development, following this rule can be very expensive, especially at the beginning of a program s life cycle. The average line of code will be changed, modified, converted, and read many times over its lifetime. It is folly to view a refactoring exercise as time wasted without considering the tremendous savings over time. Instead, refactoring should be viewed as an investment that will pay whenever code is maintained, converted, read, enhanced, or otherwise modified. Therefore, refactoring is a cornerstone of this book.
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A variety of text editors and IDEs offer some support for Ajax technologies. We ll start by looking at the programmer s editors and move on from there to the more complex IDEs. Text editors Depending on your operating system, a wide range of open source, freeware, and shareware text editors is available these days, such as shareware tools TextPad, Notepad2, EditPlus, the UNIX veterans Vim and Emacs, and the extensible cross-platform jEdit, whose plug-in system enables some IDE-like functionality. Figure A.1 shows a few common text editors in JavaScript mode. TextPad provides a staggeringly diverse base of user-contributed syntax definition files, including several for CSS, JavaScript, XML, and HTML, and for most popular server-side languages. There is minimal support for running userdefined commands such as compilers against the current file. TextPad runs on Microsoft Windows only. NotePad2 and EditPlus fill similar niches. jEdit is Java based and can run on any platform that supports Java. It supports syntax highlighting for over 100 languages, including all the main Ajax ones. Several more advanced features are available through a plug-in system, which is well integrated. Plug-ins can be automatically browsed, downloaded, and installed from within jEdit itself. Useful plug-ins include support for syntax checkers, debuggers, compilers, and version-control interfaces, and specific support for CSS and XSLT.
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myText.returnKeyType = UIReturnKeyDone;
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The reverseBits parameter indicates whether the bits need to be swapped (bit 7 swapped with bit 0, and so on). The type can be Element.CCITTG31D, Element. CCITTG32D, or Element.CCITT4. The parameters value is a combination of the following flags:
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Strongly typed validation message
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Listing 2.22 Expanding one sequence inside another
branch cleartooldir comment commentfile nodata nowarn out reserved version viewpath Specifies a branch to check out the file to. [String] Directory where the cleartool executable is located. [String] Comment string. [String] Specifies a file containing a comment. [String] If true, checks out the file but does not create an editable file containing its data. [Boolean] If true, suppresses warning messages. [Boolean] Creates a writable file under a different file name. [String] If true, checks out the file as reserved. [Boolean] If true, allows checkout of a version other than the latest. [Boolean] Path to the item in a ClearCase view to operate on. [String]
setOnClickListener(OnClickListener l)
This code assumes that an identity constraint exists on the USERS.USER_ID column. Note that when using IDENTITY as the generator type, the value for the identity field may not be available before the entity data is saved in the database because typically it is generated when a record is committed. The two other strategies, SEQUENCE and TABLE, both require the use of an externally defined generator: a SequenceGenerator or TableGenerator must be created and set for the GeneratedValue. You ll see how this works by first taking a look at the sequence generation strategy. Database sequences as generators To use sequence generators, first define a sequence in the database. The following is a sample sequence for the USER_ID column in an Oracle database:
* Datamation 29 (7): July 1983, pp. 263 265. I also found the text of the article on the Internet by doing a search on the title. A similar version of the text, with only minor editorial changes, also exists under the title Real Programmers Don t Write Pascal.
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