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A file, foobar.csr, is generated. Bruno Specimen can send this file to a CA, and this third party will check if Bruno Specimen is really who he says he is. If his identity can be verified, he ll receive a Privacy Enhanced Mail (PEM) file, which will contain his public certificate signed by the CA using the CA s private key. This certificate can be
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Listing 7.17 Exchange existing validators with the new set while preserving the tag.
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<property name="" value="/users/application/indexes"/> </properties> </persistence-unit> </persistence>
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public aspect DefaultSwingThreadSafetyAspect extends SwingThreadSafetyAspect { pointcut viewMethodCalls() : call(* javax..JComponent+.*(..));
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There are two new special methods in onStartPage():
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Table 14.2 EJB 2 required implementation of several lifecycle methods. If you implemented any of your application s business logic in any of these methods, then you can use the corresponding methods in EJB 3 to migrate that business logic. Bean Type Stateless, Stateful Stateless, Stateful Stateful Stateful Stateless, Stateful Stateful EJB 2 Methods ejbCreate ejbPostCreate ejbPassivate ejbActivate ejbRemove remove method in home interface create method in home interface ejbTimeout Constructor Method annotated with @PostConstruct Method annotated with @PrePassivate Method annotated with @PostActivate Method annotated with @PreDestroy Method annotated with @Remove EJB 3 Methods
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The sister to the EJB 3.1 Specification is the Java Persistence API (JPA) 2.0, developed in JSR-317 ( id=317). EJBs may become equipped with the facilities defined by JPA, such that modifying the properties of a managed object will be reflected automatically in the backing database. In addition to support within EJB, JPA may be used in standalone Java Standard Edition (SE) environments. Persistence is simply a higher-level abstraction above Java Database Connectivity (JDBC). By exposing the database as objects to the developer, backing rows may be queried, loaded, updated, or removed without explicitly having to go through a contracted API or language such as SQL. In older versions of EJB, persistence was part of the specification, but starting with EJB 3.0, it has been spun off on its own. The entity bean is EJB s integration with JPA, and it is defined by enhancing a plain class definition with some additional persistence metadata.
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This pointcut will not match any join point, given that it is impossible to evaluate an if(false) to true. The result, therefore, is the logical removal of the advice from the system. A common mistake that is made when trying to achieve the same result with around advice is to use the if(false) construct to surround the code inside the advice body, as shown in the following snippet:
If you need to remove a Phone from the relationship, you need to remove the Phone from both the collection and the database:
Sample JSP looking up a remote EJB
INSERT SNIPPET Insert 16, Snippet Item 1.
C# was initially created specifically for use with the .NET platform. C# is used with the .NET Framework, which allows you access to a number of libraries that are specifically intended for use with Windows. The Common Language Runtime (CLR) is the component of the .NET Framework that allows you to compile and execute applications written in either C# or Visual Basic .NET. C# is designed to be simple, type-safe, object-oriented, and high-performance. C# applications consist of human-readable source code, written in a text editor. The source code is compiled into Microsoft Intermediate Language (MSIL) which, at runtime, is compiled into machine code. A namespace is a way of grouping the names that you assign to elements in your application so that they don t conflict with other names, either yours or those assigned by Microsoft or other developers.
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