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With the collapsed and expanded Panels in place, you can now add the AJAX control the CollapsiblePanelExtender and set its attributes. Drag a CollapsiblePanelExtender from the AJAX Control Toolkit section of the Toolbox onto the page below all the existing code. Set its ID to cpeProductInfo then set all the other properties to match the following control declaration:
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Testing your application in the emulator
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14.5.1 Drawing content to PdfGraphics2D
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The primary key consists of the ITEM_ID and POSITION columns. Notice that duplicate elements (FILENAME) are allowed, which is consistent with the semantics of a
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protected override void Render(HtmlTextWriter writer) { Random rand = new Random();
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@callback-annotation> voidmethod-name(InvocationContext ctx);
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Listing 4.9
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Because the two models have conceptual differences in the way they represent data (see figure 3.1), some conversion is necessary when representing the same data in the two models. Let s explore these differences and see how Hibernate Search reconciles them. We ll deal with three main issues: converting the overall structure, converting types, and defining the fine-grained indexing strategy.
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Return result End If If (result.ExpireDate < Today) Then result.Status = LicenseStatus.LicenseExpired Return result End If ' ----- Check the version. versionParts = Split(result.CoveredVersion, ".") For counter = 0 To UBound(versionParts) If (IsNumeric(versionParts(counter)) = True) Then ' ----- The version format is ' Select Case counter Case 0 : comparePart = _ CStr(My.Application.Info.Version.Major) Case 1 : comparePart = _ CStr(My.Application.Info.Version.Minor) Case 2 : comparePart = _ CStr(My.Application.Info.Version.Build) Case 3 : comparePart = _ CStr(My.Application.Info.Version.Revision) Case Else ' ----- Corrupt version number. Return result End Select If (Val(comparePart) <> _ Val(versionParts(counter))) Then result.Status = LicenseStatus.VersionMismatch Return result End If End If Next counter ' ----- Everything seems to be in order. result.Status = LicenseStatus.ValidLicense Return result End Function
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In the following example and in several of the remaining examples in this chapter, we ll make use of the Dvd class. This simple class is shown here, and it will allow us to demonstrate the points we re trying to make without overly complicating matters.
Architectural diagram of the SiteMonitor application
If the majority of users fall into the casual or novice category, then we could consider this design to be an improvement. If the majority of users are experts, then this design probably has made things worse since the product number can no longer be directly entered. Additionally, all the application options are no longer displayed on the main menu. A user must discover or know where the Order Products screen is, given the choices Product Lookup and Order History.
The AspectJ compiler allows you to create an aspect library in the form of a JAR file. This functionality is especially important if you have to provide reusable aspects for internal or external use without giving the source code. You can now distribute JAR files that contain the aspects as well as any supporting interfaces and classes. The following command creates an aspect library named tracing.jar by compiling all the sources under F:\aspectj-book\appendixA\sectionA.6\tracing:
Common Thread Misconceptions
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