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Since UIView is a subclass of UIResponder, you ll generally have access to the methods from both classes in most UIKit objects. You ll need to do some additional work to access the UIApplication methods.
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Conditional check pointcuts This pointcut captures join points based on some conditional check at the join point. It takes the form of if(BooleanExpression). Table 3.11 shows some examples of the usage of conditional check pointcuts.
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if (myObj instanceof MyObject){ ... }
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The action function type holds the callback we use to tell the outside application that a thumbnail has been clicked. The parameters are the FlickrPhoto associated with this thumbnail, the thumb Image already downloaded, and the x/y location of the thumbnail in the bar. The page and pageSize variables control which page of thumbnails is loaded and how many thumbnails are on that page. Changing either causes an access to the web service to fetch fresh data, which is why both have an on replace block. A change to pageSize will also cause the contents of the scene graph to be rebuilt, using the function we created for this very purpose. The page size is determined by the number of thumbnails we can fit inside the width, which explains the bind. The private variables service, results, and thumbImages all relate directly to the web service. The first is the interface we use to load each page of thumbnails, the second is the result of the last page load, and finally we have the actual thumbnail images themselves. Private variables topGroup, thumbGroup, and textDisplay are all parts of the scene graph that need manipulating in response to events.
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session 50, 79 closing 119 commit 119 HTTP 50 JMS 119 management 74 replication 106 transactional 119 session bean 15 16 alternative 75 anatomy 76 best practices 108 copy-by-value semantic 484 home interface 504 interface 76 life cycle 79 performance tuning 484 programming rules 78 unit testing 77 why use 73 session bean client 102 remote client 102 using dependency injection 104 session fa ade 427, 434 439, 446 stateful 438 session replication multicasting 493 peer-to-peer 493 SessionBean interface 506 SessionContext 144, 152, 198 SessionSynchronization 102 session-type 37 setEntityContext method 522 setFirstResult method 352 setFlushMode method 331, 353 setHint method 353 354 setMaxResults method 352 setParameter 350 setParameters method 163 setRollbackOnly 144 method 186, 192 setter 227 injection 149 method 149 setTransactionTimeout method 200 setXX method. See setter, method shareable 151
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Page content and structure
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In figure 7.6 B is the query we entered. After we clicked the Update button, our query was parsed and shown C. This is the most basic type of query, one term on one field, so there are no surprises here. Notice D the default field is set to title. This required us to enter the field name of the field we were querying. If the default field had been set to description, then the field name and colon would not have been necessary. Once we have our fields/properties assembled, we need to put them through a process called tokenization.
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An important point about the Decorator pattern is that it is based around new objects being created with their own sets of operations. Some of these might be inherited, but only down one level. For example, when implementing the Photo Decorator program, we could try to alter properties of the Windows Form class, such as Height and Width, from within a decorator object. For the component itself and for a first-level decorator, this would work. But as soon as there was a second level of decorators, the changes would not get through. The reason is evident from the object diagram in Figure 2-3: the first decorator holds a reference to the actual Windows Form object, but the second-level decorator does not. For this kind of manipulation a different pattern, such as Strategy (discussed in 7), would be more fitting. In the example of the Photo Decorator program, we did not actually add any behavior; we only overrode it. A Client implemented as the Application.Run harness uses the event model to invoke the PaintEventHandler implicitly. It does not give an opportunity for calling other methods explicitly. Of course, other events (such as MouseMove and OnClick) can be programmed, and then the other behaviors in the decorators will make sense (see the Exercises section later).
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float f1 = 0.1f; float f2 = f1 + 0.1f; float f3 = f2 + 0.1f; float f4 = f3 + 0.1f; float f5 = f4 + 0.1f; float f6 = f5 + 0.1f; float f7 = f6 + 0.1f; float f8 = f7 + 0.1f; float f9 = f8 + 0.1f; Console.WriteLine(f1); Console.WriteLine(f2); Console.WriteLine(f3); Console.WriteLine(f4); Console.WriteLine(f5); Console.WriteLine(f6); Console.WriteLine(f7); Console.WriteLine(f8); Console.WriteLine(f9);
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