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Figure 4.2 Ordering the execution of advice and join points. The darker areas represent the higher-precedence advice. The around advice could be thought of as the higher-precedence advice running the lower-precedence advice in a nested manner.
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Introducing JBoss Seam
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writer.setViewerPreferences(PdfWriter.FitWindow | PdfWriter.HideToolbar);
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You read that statement as Seventeen modulo four equals one or, for short, Seventeen mod four.
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Finally, consider a simple test class (listing 8.16) that calls both methods on BusinessClass. We put the second method in a try/catch block to capture the checked exception that may be thrown so that we can suitably respond to the failure.
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Replace BaseFont.EMBEDDED B with BaseFont.NOT_EMBEDDED. Try executing the example, and it will throw an exception saying, All the fonts must be embedded. This one isn t: ArialMT. Replace the CMYKColor C used for the font color by an instance of the BaseColor class. iText will throw the following error: Colorspace RGB is not allowed.
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We have explored the challenges of deploying to production servers, the subtle differences you may encounter, and the complications of working with operations-managed systems. We have shown how to create a deployment process driven by per-system and perapplication server configuration files that can deploy to different systems and application servers. This deployment process uses an install-time build file for each application server type; this file deploys the application onto the local system. The main build file has to decide which install and configuration files to upload, and then uses <ftp> or a similar tool to get them onto the machine. For automated deployment, Ant can make a <telnet> call and run the remote task from the local system. You can also install the software by running Ant on the server by hand, which permits alternative upload processes such as email and CD-ROM delivery. Ant s task suite for deployment is still growing, and we are optimistic for the future, but today deployment is usually a matter of putting together a sequence of <copy>, <get>, and <java> calls. We finished the chapter with a look at how to verify that deployment worked. When you are writing your deployment build files, we strongly encourage you to use this technique from the outset, as it is easy to do, and the price of having a broken deployment process is high. This chapter marks the end of our exploration of how to apply Ant to advanced development projects. Our next section goes one level deeper, looking at how to extend and customize Ant through writing new tasks, or changing existing ones. This is not hard to do, and gives you the power to address problems in Ant that would otherwise seem impossible.
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Notice that this doesn t include all of the well-known folders we have these days, because the set of folders grows with each new version of Windows. Things like Videos, Games, Downloads, Searches, and Contacts are all missing. It also doesn t support Windows 7 libraries in any meaningful sense. This is (sort of) by design. The method provides a lowest common denominator approach to finding useful folders on the system, in a way that works across all supported versions of the framework (including Windows Mobile).
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Request form element
protected void Application_Start() { AreaRegistration.RegisterAllAreas(); RegisterRoutes(RouteTable.Routes); MvcContrib.UI.InputBuilder.InputBuilder.BootStrap(); }
order-by A.10.1 Bags of entities: one-to-many, unidirectional
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