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Provider Class System.Web.Management.EventLogWebEventProvider System.Web.Management.SimpleMailWebEventProvider Implements an event provider that Logs ASP .NET health-monitoring events into the Windows Application Event Log Sends e-mail for event notifications
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App Delegate
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Imagine we have a popular retail store with a series of 20 registers. Every minute, sales transactions take place that eventually must be processed with a third-party credit provider. Considering that we re only one store out of potentially millions using the provider, this adds up to a lot of traffic. If our business rules allow, we might be better served caching transactions in a pending state, and then processing a batch altogether
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4: Saving and Retrieving Data
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Figure 13.3 You may use caching of objects at three levels: 1) the transactional cache, which is made available by the persistence provider within a transaction to reduce database round-trips; 2) the extended persistence context, which you can use as a caching mechanism with stateful session beans; and 3) the persistence unit level cache (if provided by the persistence provider), which is a shared cache that all clients of the persistence unit can use.
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LEFT contains the coordinates of the line that is used for the left border of the two columns. RIGHT defines the right borders.
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HistoryDisplay provides a short display name to help the user scan through history. LookupType and LookupData are the values that get passed to PerformLookup. It s all
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Web development advantages Ease of development Ease of first-time user access Rapid deployment Automated updating Access to dynamic data Access to existing web content Offline server access Integration with external web content Access to other users
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Listing 13.15
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19.3.1 Understanding JNI
iBATIS data access objects
4.7 Resources
statement. This leaves you with the deepCopy(Object) method:
To date, your programs have included three frameworks: Core Graphics, Foundation, and UIKit. You may find someday that you want to add another framework, to get
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