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We ll start by exploring the implementation from the client s point of view. The client wants to call a handler with some data. For example:
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In this chapter, we started with a brief background of basic networking concepts, from nodes and addresses to layers and protocols. With that general background in place, we covered details about how to obtain network status information and showed several different ways to work with the IP networking capabilities of the platform. In terms of networking, we looked at using basic sockets and the package. Then we also examined the included Apache HttpClient API. HTTP is one of the most common and most important networking resources available to the Android platform. Using HttpClient, we covered a lot of territory in terms of different request types, parameters, headers, authentication, and more. Beyond basic HTTP, we also
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The saveOrUpdate() method tells Hibernate to propagate the state of an instance to the database by creating a new database row if the instance is a new transient instance or updating the existing row if the instance is a detached instance. In other words, it does exactly the same thing with the laptops category as cascade="save-update" did with the child categories of laptops. One final question: How did Hibernate know which children were detached and which were new transient instances
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masterColorList = [NSArray arrayWithObjects:colorList,otherColorList,nil];
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Classes in JavaScript
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In J2EE development, it is always worthwhile to spend time up front structuring and configuring your development environment, including the use of the right tool set. This will save an enormous amount of time over the life of your project and should offset the cost of any additional purchases and configuration time.
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Role Playing in client/server systems
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But since the items are in a numbered array, you can use a For...Next loop to scan through each element, one at a time.
The CGContextClearRect function can be particularly useful for erasing a window when you re ready to draw something new to it. Now that we ve told you how to draw objects in the simplest way possible, we re ready to move on and start talking about how to draw objects in more complex ways by modifying state.
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