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List results = session.createCriteria(Item.class) .createAlias("bids", "bid") .add("description", "%gc%") ) .add("bid.amount", new BigDeciml("100") ) ) .list();
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15.2 Getting started with LinkedIn
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carry the burden of loan</param> /// <param name="ppy">periods per year example 12 for monthly payments)</param> /// <param name="interestRate">how much will the bank
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tions exist for several server-side languages and platforms, including Java, Python, Ruby, and Perl.
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An object of value type has no database identity; it belongs to an entity instance, and its persistent state is embedded in the table row of the owning entity at least, if an entity has a reference to a single instance of a valuetype. If an entity class has a collection of value types (or a collection of references to value-typed instances), you need an additional table, the so-called collection table. Before you map collections of value types to collection tables, remember that value-typed classes don t have identifiers or identifier properties. The lifespan of a value-type instance is bounded by the lifespan of the owning entity instance. A value type doesn t support shared references. Java has a rich collection API, so you can choose the collection interface and implementation that best fits your domain model design. Let s walk through the most common collection mappings. Suppose that sellers in CaveatEmptor are able to attach images to Items. An image is accessible only via the containing item; it doesn t need to support associations from any other entity in your system. The application manages the collection of images through the Item class, adding and removing elements. An image object has no life outside of the collection; it s dependent on an Item entity. In this case, it isn t unreasonable to model the image class as a value type. Next. you need to decide what collection to use.
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The SQL case statement uses the existence (or nonexistence) of rows in the subclass tables CREDIT_CARD and BANK_ACCOUNT to determine the concrete subclass for a particular row of the BILLING_DETAILS table. To narrow the query to the subclass, Hibernate uses an inner join instead:
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Modifying objects efficiently
Processing messages in a FIFO manner from a message queue
* any authenticated user may open the door, else * only the {@link Roles#ADMIN} may open. * * @throws SchoolClosedException If the current user * is not in {@link Roles#ADMIN} and is attempting to open * the door while {@link SecureSchoolLocalBusiness#isOpen()} * is false. */ void openFrontDoor() throws SchoolClosedException; /** * Opens the service door. Users in {@link Roles#STUDENT} * role may not open this door, but {@link Roles#ADMIN} * and {@link Roles#JANITOR} may. */ void openServiceDoor(); /** * Returns whether or not the school is open. When closed, only * the {@link Roles#ADMIN} is allowed access to all doors. Anyone, * even unauthenticated users, may check if school is open. * @return */ boolean isOpen(); }
The value that has to be shown by the barcode is set with the method setCode(), except for BarcodeEANSUPP. The example shows how to create a Bookland barcode composed of two BarcodeEAN instances: one with type EAN13 and one with type SUPP5.
(choose to clean the directory if you aren t doing anything special). Note that you can automatically label every build you make. To do that, you have to dive into additional SVN configuration; in this case, you ll pull the build lever without labeling.
writer.addViewerPreference(PdfName.FITWINDOW, PdfBoolean.TRUE); writer.addViewerPreference(PdfName.HIDETOOLBAR, PdfBoolean.TRUE);
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