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@ManyToOne(cascade = { CascadeType.PERSIST, CascadeType.MERGE }) @JoinColumn(name = "PARENT_CATEGORY_ID", nullable = true) private Category parent; ... @OneToMany(cascade = CascadeType.ALL) private Set<Bid> bids = new HashSet<Bid>();
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14.7.1 Configuring dao.xml
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You should consider very carefully whether you want to catch instances of the base Exception type. When you do that you are saying something bad happened, but I don t really know what it was. That degree of uncertainty tends to imply that the app has lost control of its own internal consistency. It is a common practice to catch Exception in your top-level exception handlers (e.g., in Main or, as we ll see later, in threading worker functions); and when you do, you normally need to terminate the application (or at least restart some subsystem). Of course, you might know perfectly well what might go wrong, and you re catching Exception because you can t be bothered to list the half dozen exception types you intend to handle in the same way. (Maybe F1 wasn t working so well that day and you couldn t inspect the docs; and someone was pressing you to check in your changes.) Beware! What happens if an implementation detail changes in another class on which you depend, such that a new exception is thrown Your handler will swallow it up and carry on. That might be OK, and your game of tic-tac-toe will continue happily. Or it might have unintended consequences, such as data loss or the start of WWIII. You just can t know in advance.
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Expanding this example
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function addAreas(s1,s2){ var total=null; if (hasArea(s1) && hasArea(s2)){ var a1=s1.getArea(); var a2=s2.getArea(); if (isNum(a1) && isNum(a2)){ total=parseFloat(a1)+parseFloat(a2); } } return total; }
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Listing 9.8 Deleting a web part is achieved in a manner similar to attaining a list of web parts except that different code is run in the PreLoad callback.
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Many relationships between entity beans are collection-based, and being able to access and select beans from these relationships is important. We ve seen that it is illegal to select elements directly from a collection-based relationship. To overcome this
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Listing 2.6 The MyCalendar user control web part is declared within the web part zone
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HideToolbar HideMenubar HideWindowUI FitWindow CenterWindow DisplayDocTitle
With this addition to our routes, our new test passes, along with all the other tests. We were able to add a new route to our routing configuration with the assurance that we didn t break the other URLs. Because URLs are now generated through routes in an MVC application, testing our routes becomes of utmost importance. The test helpers in MvcContrib wrapped up all the ugliness that usually comes with testing routes. In the next section, we ll examine how to avoid unnecessary test complexity.
Working with messaging: SMS
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