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value. This will save time down the road when debugging other pieces of functionality that could break as a result of the null value. Exceptions also enable you to separate code (for exceptional conditions) and error handling from your application logic. With exceptions, you can break execution midstream, preventing further damage. Catching and rethrowing exceptions awards you the perfect opportunity to react and restore your system to a consistent state.
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Figure 8.9 The TFS build report with Code Analysis output on the Build summary page. If you want to break the build on a given violation check, change the action to Error.
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Each individual IntentFilter can specify zero or more actions and zero or more categories. If the action isn t specified in the IntentFilter, it ll match any Intent; otherwise, it ll match only if the Intent has the same action. An IntentFilter with no categories will match only an Intent with no categories; otherwise, an IntentFilter must have at least what the Intent specifies. For example,
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* There are good architectural reasons for this, but it s bad for usability.
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Repetitive and boring, isn t it But how about automating the process Is it possible to make the machine read and perform UI tests automatically Yes; and there are tools you can use to do that. The tools are called GUI testing tools. They comprise a broad set of tools that basically pretend they re a real user. They need a formal description of what to do, and they do it. You provide steps such as start the application, enter this field, click that button, check whether the text box gets the proper value, and so on. One of these GUI test tools is called White. Let s look at it.
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In addition to the FuzzyTermEnum class, Lucene includes two other enumerator classes that you can utilize in a similar manner. These are the RegexTermEnum class, which will list search terms generated by regular expression queries, and the WildcardTermEnum class, which will list search terms generated by WildcardQuerys. In short, any subclass of the MultiTermQuery class has the getEnum(reader) method.
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{ name: 'command', type: String }
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When it comes to making sure our application works as expected, we have several general categories of assertions. We typically ensure that our application redirected to the right page and shows the right information. In more advanced scenarios, we might assert on specific styling information that would further relate information to the end user. In our original test, we asserted a correct redirect by checking a hard-coded URL, but this URL can also change over time. We might change the port number, hostname, or even controller name. Instead, we want to build some other representation of a specific page. Much like when representing links in our site, we can build an object matching the structure of our site. The final trick will be to include something in our HTML indicating which page is shown. Although we could do this by attaching IDs to the body element, that approach becomes quite ugly in practice because this tag is typically in a master page. Another tactic is to create a well-known input element, excluded from any form, as shown in listing 20.14.
Graphics: Quartz, Core Animation, and OpenGL
import javax.ejb.*; import javax.naming.InitialContext; import javax.naming.NamingException; /** * A simple stateless SessionBean that implements * our product pricing, RPC-style web service. */ public class ProductPricingBean implements SessionBean { /** * Retrieve the current price of the specified product. * * @param productId The product to be priced * @return the price as a double * @exception EJBException if there is * a communications or systems failure Web Service */ method exposed public double getProductPrice(String productId) { to vendors return (new Double("9.95")).doubleValue(); }
9: Behavioral Patterns: Iterator, Mediator, and Observer
compile-time enforcement 180 example of 180 limitations 183 compiling source directories See -sourceroots option, ajc 441 source files 441 concerns banking example 7 composition of 8 core See core concerns 4 crosscutting See crosscutting concern 4 definition of 7 identification 8 implementation 21 process concerns 7 role in software system 7 separation See separation of concerns 8 tangling 7 concern-specific checked exceptions 260 concern-specific exception authentication, use in 335 concern-specific runtime exception generic runtime exception, vs. 266 concrete aspect authorization example 349 concrete subaspect participant pattern 274 concurrency utility library 316 conditional check pointcut 80 configuration file authorization, role in 338 example of 330, specifying using 332 connection object transaction context, as 368 consistency transaction, and 357 consistent logging importance of 155 consistent naming convention 98
Lots of APIs in the .NET Framework work with the Stream abstraction defined in the System.IO namespace. The XML classes can load data from a Stream, or write data into one, for example. The bitmap decoding and encoding classes in WPF can also work with streams. The first three lines of Example 13-12 obtain a stream for an Atom feed# from a WebClient and use it to initialize an XDocument. The code then uses LINQ to XML to extract the list of titles and links advertised by this particular feed.
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