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INSERT SNIPPET Insert 11, Snippet Item 1.
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Checkout Perforce-managed files for deletion.
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Here s a real-life example that we ll meet in the next chapter:
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As you can see, searching the web for android + HTC is a different operation compared to searching for android and then HTC. Yes, this functionality can be accomplished with some search engine magic. The point is that you want to be able to have this browsing assistant follow you wherever you go on the internet even beyond the search engine launching point. Any time you browse to a new page, you receive a Toast notification letting you know how many times your search term appears on the page. To show you how this is implemented, let s examine the following listing, which shows the implementation of the UAWebViewClient class.
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559 RISC 340 robot communicating with 384 controlling with phone orientation 382 driving 383 rotating 3D cube 244 router 163 rows, inserting and deleting 438 rpath 348 Runnable, Java interface 81, 320
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When you specify interfaces, it is easy to get confused about who is responsible for what. There are three concepts to keep clear:
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We ve chosen to use the Menu here, in addition to the onscreen buttons. Though either (or both) can work in many scenarios, you need to consider whether the menu, which is invoked by pressing the Menu button on the device and tapping a selection (button and a tap) is appropriate for what you re doing, or whether an onscreen button (single tap) is more appropriate. Generally, onscreen buttons should be tied to UI elements, such as a search button for a search form input, and menu items should be used for more broad actions such as submitting a form, or performing an action such as creating, saving, editing, or deleting. Because all rules need an exception, if you have the screen real estate, it might be more convenient for users to have onscreen buttons for actions as well, as we ve done in the ReviewCriteria Activity. The most important thing to keep in mind with these types of UI decisions is to be consistent. If you do it one way on one screen, use that same approach on other screens.
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Runs the snapshot merge utility for JProbe Coverage.
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The example is the chunk of code responsible for allowing us to drag the node around the desktop display. The blocksMouse setting is very important; without it we d get all manner of bizarre effects whenever we moved a photo. When the mouse button goes down on a given part of the screen, there may be numerous scene graph nodes layered beneath it, so what gets the event The highest node The lowest node All of them The answer is all of them, working from front to back, unless we take action to stop it. If we allowed mouse events to be applied to both a photo and the underlying desktop, we d get two sets of actions at once. With some applications this might be desirable, but in our (0,0) (200,0) (0,0) case it is not; the event should go to either an individual photo or the desktop, but not both! The handy blocksMouse variable can be set to (100,0) prevent mouse events from traveling any farther down the stack of nodes. (0,100) The remainder of the event code should be fairly obvious. When the mouse goes down we record its start position, relative to (100,100) (200,200) (0,200) the top-left corner of the node. Even though the node will be rotated on the desktop, the Figure 8.7 The coordinate system of a mouse coordinates still work in sync with the node always matches the rotation of the rectangular shape of the photo, because the node itself. The gray rectangle has been coordinates are local to the interior of the rotated 30 degrees clockwise, yet its local coordinate system is unaffected. node (see figure 8.7). Drag events then
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Web frameworks: WebWork, Struts, and Tapestry
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Create the query, with any arbitrary restriction or projection of data that you want to retrieve. Bind runtime arguments to query parameters; the query can be reused with changing settings. Execute the prepared query against the database and retrieval of data. You can control how the query is executed and how data should be retrieved into memory (all at once or piecemeal, for example).
Then, in the Service class, I ll implement the interface and its NumberToText member.
Creating a Ninject controller factory
CryptoStream uses the ICryptoTransform to take care of turning the cipher text in the MemoryStream back into plain text. If you remember, that plain text is actually the set of UTF-8 encoded bytes we originally wrote to the stream with the StreamWriter back in the encryption phase. So, the StreamReader takes those and converts them back into
Java SE Downloads (Windows and Linux) Apple s Java Development Kit (Mac OS X)
Querying your data
/Btn Button fields /Tx Text fields /Ch Choice fields /Sig Signature fields
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