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Antipattern: Hot Potato
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Keeping track of a mountain climb with your iPhone
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The resultant build/ file will not have the comment line, only config.parameter=47. Pulling class constants from Java class files is an even more spectacular display of the power of FilterReaders. Using the <loadproperties> task, which is getting a bit ahead of ourselves because Ant properties are not introduced until section 3.10, we are able to pull values from Java code into Ant as parameters. Take an interface that defines a constant:
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There are numerous SDK objects that you could use to create a list of data your table should contain. In the future, we ll talk about SQLite databases and pulling RSS data off the internet. For now we re going to stay with the SDK s simpler objects. The most obvious are NSArray, which produces a static indexed array; NSMutableArray, which creates a dynamic indexed array; and NSDictionary, which defines an associative array. For this example of table view content creation, we have elected to create an NSArray containing an NSDictionary that itself contains color names and UIColor values. As you can probably already guess, you re going to fill this skeletal table view example out with something like the color selector that you wrote back when we were learning iUI in chapter 5. The code required to create your content array is shown in listing 13.4.
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Implementing the Copy button event
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XML component interfaces and performance Using JDOM (as shown in section 3.1.2) could result in slower response time due to the processing required to translate between data formats. While this bit of extra processing may not be a concern, the number of steps required to service a single request should always be considered since it can have a significant impact when aggregated across many simultaneous requests. Performance concerns become much more significant if you need to parse files when building your XML data tree. JDOM does allow the use of SAX to speed the process, but parsing may still take more time than you can afford in some realtime user-driven applications. The point of this section is not to scare you away from using XML in application internals but rather to make you aware of the risks involved in doing so. It is up to you as the system architect to determine the balance between the flexibility and generality of XML and the performance and resource utilization needs of your application.
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Notice how we re using the Capacity to see how many characters we could have in the StringBuilder, and the Length to determine how many we do have. We can now append some content to these two strings, as Example 10-66 shows.
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High-speed beginner ramp-up
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Think of this as being a bit like the temporary variable declaration in the following Java code:
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Returning a collection of data requires you to add some specific helper methods to the EJB home interface. In the home interface of a bean, define a finder method that returns a java.util.Collection instance instead of a single instance of an entity bean. The following is the home interface of the PortfolioHolding EJB. This EJB represents a particular stock held in a user s portfolio:
Almost every application needs to record data even games like to save their highscore tables. In a thin-client environment, working exclusively against data on a network, we have the luxury of not worrying about the storage capabilities of the host device, but fatter clients aren t so lucky. A problem arises about how to persist data across all the devices JavaFX supports. On the desktop we can fall back to Java s I/O classes to read and write files on the host s hard disk, but what happens if our code finds itself running as an applet, or on a cell phone, or on a Blu-ray player where can it save its data then The package provides a clean, cross-platform, persistence mechanism for that very purpose. It allows us to read and write files in a managed way across a variety of devices. By managed, I mean these files are firmly associated with the running application. In effect, they behave like a cross between the files of a regular desktop application and the cookies of a web page. Let s take a look at a demonstration, by way of listing 7.6.
if ( valueOne > valueTwo ) { Console.WriteLine("ValueOne: {0} larger than ValueTwo: {1}", valueOne, valueTwo); }
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12.3.2 Putting, getting, and flushing a CacheController
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