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Figure 11.2 The XML Script parser extracts component declarations from XML Script code blocks. Then, it parses the declarative code and creates instances of the corresponding JavaScript objects.
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Setting Your Watch
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11.4 Summary
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The Transactional Method-Ready State
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Cactus executes tests within the EJB container. Cactus can test EJBs that use only local interfaces. Cactus tests run in the same environment as your production environment. This means test execution occurs the same way a production EJB call would. You can use Ant to automate your Cactus tests to build a rigorous regression testing system.
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@Entity @Table(name = "USERS") public class User { ... @Embedded @AttributeOverrides( { @AttributeOverride(name column @AttributeOverride(name column @AttributeOverride(name column }) private Address homeAddress; ... }
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Even though cross-domain calls aren t permitted by the XMLHttpRequest object in its default configuration, the user can change the browser settings to make certain cross-domain calls succeed. However, asking users to change their browser settings so they can access your website is generally a bad practice.
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If you want to inspect the resources of a specific page, you don t have to walk through the page tree; iText can do this for you if you use the method getPageN(). The next listing shows how you can get the page dictionary to change the page boundaries.
MostRecentlyUsed referenceToLock = mru); bool lockAcquired = false; try { Monitor.Enter(referenceToLock, ref lockAcquired); mru.UseItem(items[r.Next(items.Length)]); } finally { if (lockAcquired) { Monitor.Exit(referenceToLock); } }
7: State and Life Cycle
When we were using Luke, we received instant gratification on exactly how the query parser interpreted our query when we clicked the Update button. How can we do this while we re developing our applications, and can this help us improve them over time The Query interface specifies two toString methods. String toString() This outputs the query in the same format as the examples we discussed in section 7.1. We use this in log entries as a troubleshooting aid. abstract String toString(String field) This outputs the query in the same way as the previous method except that field is considered the default and is omitted from the result. This is similar to the search expression we entered in figure 7.1.
/// <param name="compoundPeriods">Compound periods</param> /// <param name="periodicInterestRate">Periodic interest rate</param> /// <returns>SPPV</returns> private static double CalculateSPPV(double compoundPeriods,
Phrase phrase; Chunk chunk; for (Movie movie : PojoFactory.getMovies(connection)) { phrase = new Phrase(movie.getMovieTitle()); chunk = new Chunk("\u00a0"); chunk.setAnnotation( PdfAnnotation.createText(writer, null, Adds a text annotation movie.getMovieTitle(), String.format(INFO, to a Chunk movie.getYear(), movie.getDuration()), false, "Comment")); phrase.add(chunk); document.add(phrase); document.add(PojoToElementFactory.getDirectorList(movie)); document.add(PojoToElementFactory.getCountryList(movie)); }
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