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Although we have used just-in-time authentication in this example, you can easily implement up-front authentication by simply adding a pointcut corresponding to the method that represents up-front for you, such as the main() method in the console application or the frame initialization in a UI application. For example, defining the authOperations() pointcut as follows will perform authentication as soon as the main() method begins to execute:
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13: Interfaces
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The condition you want to evaluate comes after the If, but before the Then. In this case, you want to determine if the checkbox is checked, so the condition is chkMyCheckBox. Checked = true. If it s true, the statement after the Then is executed, setting txtMyTextBox.Text to It s true! You can execute any number of statements in the Then section. If the condition is false, nothing happens. You must insert the statement End If at the end of the Then block so that your code knows where the Then block ends and can continue executing as normal from that point. The Else statement comes into play when you want to take one of two actions. With just an If-Then statement, if the condition you re evaluating is false, nothing happens. However, you might want to take one action if the condition is true, and another if it s false, like this:
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Table 4.1
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graph you ll see that calling save() or delete() on each object of the graph isn t an efficient way to write applications. You d like to make as few calls to the Session as possible. Transitive persistence provides a more natural way to force object state changes and to control the persistence lifecycle.
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Web service interfaces A web service can be designed to use a one-way, message-based interface or a two-way, RPC-style interface. This is consistent with our JAXM examples from the previous section. Message-based web services are said to be document-driven, meaning that only the data passed between the parties is important. Issues like timing and coordination of processing are irrelevant. Data-oriented Web services lend themselves to the message-based style. For example, the SOAP message from listing 4.3 is datadriven, and its web service would employ the message-based style. RPC-style services are interface-driven, synchronous interactions. A web service that is process-oriented will use the RPC-style. For example, the SOAP interaction described in listing 4.1 is synchronous (process-driven), and would use the RPC-style. 4.4.2 Providing web services in J2EE
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utility class that accepts LinkedIn-style data and either creates a new record or updates an existing record.
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myVolume = [[MPVolumeView alloc] initWithFrame:CGRectMake(200, 100, 100, 200)]; [myVolume sizeToFit]; [self.view addSubview:myVolume];
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If you deploy on JBoss AS, you can use the following indexBase value: ../server/[configuration]/data/indexes. Indexes will be kept next to the hypersonic database content.
msbuildvariables.txt"> </Exec> </Target> </Project>
This subroutine will simply return the red, green, and blue values of the pixel at the given coordinates, except when those coordinates fall outside the boundaries of the image, in which case it will return the RGB values for the pixel on the closest edge of the image. This leaves only the definition of the color_hex() method, which is used only to translate a triplet of red, green, and blue values to a string of the shape #3a3a2b. This might be a familiar notation to anyone who has ever worked with colors in HTML. Each pair of hexadecimal digits after the hash mark encodes one of the red, green or blue color values, respectively.
Most of the work involved with internal endpoints is handled on the client side, your service consumer. Because there can be a varying number of instances of your service running at any time, you have to be prepared to decide which instance to talk to, if not all of them. You also have to be wily enough to not call yourself if calling the service from a sibling worker role instance. You can access the set of instances running, and their exposed internal endpoints, with the RoleEnvironment static class:
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