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Integrate Data Matrix ECC200 in Java Example target to generate Unix and Windows Readme files from the same original

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Writing Hibernate applications
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Custom keyboard accessories
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The next class, SKMenu, acts as an intermediary. At the front end, it accepts requests for information about the menu that will fill the table view. On the back end, it turns those requests into SQL queries. It s been designed in this way to create an opaque interface: a programmer will never have to know that a database is being used, simply that the SKMenu class returns results for a table view. The simple code of SKMenu is shown in listing 16.7. It mainly illustrates how to use the SKDatabase class in listing 16.6.
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Enumerations, one of the core .NET types, allow you to group together named, related integer values as a set. Once bound together, the enumeration can be used like any other data type; you can create variables that are specific instances of an enumeration. Enumerations are a multiline construct; the first line defines the name and underlying data type of the enumeration. Each enumeration member appears on a separate line, ending with a final closing End Enum line.
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Domain models and metadata
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First, ensure that Ant is installed and ready to run. You will also need a properly installed Java development kit appropriate for your platform. Appendix A describes how to set up an Ant development system on both Unix and Windows. After having installed everything, at a command prompt type
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ASP.NET MVC introduced a level of unit testing that wasn t possible in Web Forms. But unit tests alone can t ensure that our application functions correctly in the browser. Instead, we need to employ full system testing that exercises the system with all moving pieces in place. Full system testing can be brittle, so we must take steps to ensure that our tests stay as stable as possible. To create stable, reliable UI tests, we use techniques such as expression-based HTML generators and embedded semantic information to navigate and interact with the application. In all our techniques, the common theme is designing our UI for testability, by sharing design information that can be used in our tests. As we encounter new scenarios, we need to be wary of testing strictly based on the rendered HTML and instead investigate how we can share knowledge between our views and our tests. In the next chapter, we ll look at organizing large applications with the new Areas feature in MVC 2.0.
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The first font you registered was Garamond Bold. This font belongs to a family of three different fonts: Garamond (gara.ttf), Garamond-Italic (garait.ttf), and Garamond-Bold (garabd.ttf). You can list the names of all the families just like you listed the names of all the individual fonts.
Learning advanced EJB concepts
When you called Trace.Write() in Web Forms, you were interacting with the TraceContext class. This exists on your ViewPage in ASP.NET MVC, but this isn t where you would want to write tracing statements. By the time you ve passed the baton over to the view, there s no logic there that you d need to trace. Instead, you d like to trace the logic embedded in your controllers. You might try to leverage the TraceContext class in your controller, but these statements won t ever make their way to the list of messages in the trace log (on your page or on Trace.axd). Instead, you can use System.Diagnostics.Trace and set up your own TraceListeners to inspect the activity in your controllers. Alternatively, you can leverage a more mature logging framework such as log4net or NLog:
For details on refactoring, we highly recommend the book Refactoring: Improving the Design of Existing Code, by Martin Fowler et al. (AddisonWesley Professional).
Eliminating duplication in the view
The Window Menu
3.7.3 Cache providers
this.onclick = this.callSomeMethod.bind(this);
Note that the injected session context is not stored in JNDI. In fact, it would be incorrect to try to specify the name parameters in this case at all and servers will probably ignore the element if specified. Instead, when the container detects the @Resource annotation on the context variable, it figures out that the EJB context specific to the current bean instance must be injected by looking at the variable data type, javax.ejb.SessionContext. Since PlaceBid is a session bean, the result of the injection would be the same if the variable were specified to be the parent class, EJBContext. In the following code, an underlying instance of javax.ejb. SessionContext is still injected into the context variable, even if the variable data type is javax.ejb.EJBContext:
Figure 24-4. Adding a help page 678 | 24: Adding Online Help
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