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17.3.4 Completing the login/logout feature
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DESCRIPTION Good programmers frequently try to optimize every line of code and speculate in the name of performance, without considering which code/design elements are actually performance problems. MOST FREQUENT SCALE Application REFACTORED SOLUTION NAME Performance test automation REFACTORED SOLUTION TYPE Process, technology REFACTORED SOLUTION DESCRIPTION Use the simplest code/design that will work. Establish concrete criteria and run automated performance tests against the criteria to establish the need for performance tuning. Tune only problem areas. Write well-factored and modular code that s easy to tune later, if necessary. ANECDOTAL EVIDENCE It works fine, but I suspected future performance problems so I spent the afternoon making it fast. All of my code is a little tough to read, but it s very fast. That design/technology is going to be too slow. SYMPTOMS, CONSEQUENCES Fewer development cycles are left for customer requirements or meaningful optimization when unforeseen problems arise. Design and code becomes unnecessarily complex and difficult to maintain. Functionality breaks when it s tweaked to be faster.
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Monitoring techniques
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(Wait Time) RPC Response
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Type.registerNamespace("Samples"); Samples.AjaxLogin = function(element) { Samples.AjaxLogin.initializeBase(this, [element]); this._userName = null; this._password = null; this._rememberMe = null; this._loginButton = null; } Samples.AjaxLogin.prototype = { initialize : function() { Samples.AjaxLogin.callBaseMethod(this, 'initialize'); $addHandlers(this._loginButton, {'click':this._onLoginButtonClicked}, this); }, dispose : function() { $clearHandlers(this._loginButton); Samples.AjaxLogin.callBaseMethod(this, 'dispose'); }, _onLoginButtonClicked : function(e) { var validationResult = typeof(Page_ClientValidate) == 'function' && Page_ClientValidate(this._validationGroup) true : false;
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11.3.1 The user table
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Manning author forums: http:/ / Java antipatterns: http:/ /
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People familiar with Hibernate and Seam know the pattern called conversation. A conversation is a series of request-response cycles in which the user ends up with a set of changes atomically applied to the database. One example is a wizard screen, but nowadays with the use of AJAX, a lot of operations are conversational in nature. Keeping a database transaction open during several request-response cycles is usually not an option, especially when the user decides to go get coffee between two requestresponse cycles! A common solution to work around this problem is to keep a Hibernate session open for the duration of the conversation and set the flush mode to manual. In manual mode, the session keeps all the object changes without applying them to the database. The last request-response cycle flushes all changes to the database and atomically commits. Seam goes even further by letting you describe conversations declaratively and does the hard work for you.
This filter is equivalent to the first query shown earlier and results in identical SQL. Collection filters have an implicit from clause and an implicit where condition. The alias this refers implicitly to elements of the collection of bids. Hibernate collection filters are not executed in memory. The collection of bids may be uninitialized when the filter is called and, if so, will remain uninitialized. Furthermore, filters don t apply to transient collections or query results; they may only be applied to a persistent collection currently referenced by an object associated with the Hibernate session. The only required clause of an HQL query is from. Since a collection filter has an implicit from clause, the following is a valid filter:
The terms local and remote, when referring to business, home, or component interfaces, designate the relationship between the process running the client and the JVM running the EJB Container. This is often confused with distribution across physical boundaries. When the client is in-VM, invocations to the local interface are much more efficient than their remote counterpart; they may avoid the networking stack and pass object references instead of serializing values. For instance, EJBs within an application will often communicate with each other by means of a local business interface. The
Getting a key for a production application follows the same process, but you need to use the actual certificate your APK file is signed with instead of the debug.keystore file. The Android documentation provides additional information about obtaining a key at For more information about digital signatures, keys, and signing in general, see appendix B. Android requires you to declare the map API key in the layout file. With the key in the layout file, you must remember to update the key between debug and production modes. Additionally, if you debug on different development machines, you must switch keys by hand.
If we run the program by pressing F5, two console windows will open, one for the client and one for the service.
Keep in mind that a named query is scoped with a persistence unit and therefore must have a unique name. We recommend that you devise a naming convention for your applications that will avoid duplicate names for named queries.
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