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public class Account { int _accountNumber;
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They should be visible to accessibility tools so that users with visual or coordination issues can use your application. And a button is about as simple as it gets. If you ve ever used a Flash application with, say, a scroll bar that just didn t feel like it was working properly you re already familiar with the hazards of trying to recreate basic controls from scratch. Fortunately, control templates mean you don t have to.
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id = System.currentTimeMillis (); conn; ps; closed = false;
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transaction and security setting 511 why to migrate to EJB 3 505 model-view-controller 427 modifier 35 MOM 56 112 Also see message oriented, middleware multiple tier 463 multiplicity 222 multi-threaded 442, 446 multithreading 123, 137, 442, 446 MVC. See model-view-controller MySQL 380, 656
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Listing 9.3 <flushInterval> caching example
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We may define the lock upon the method in the bean implementation class, on the class itself, or some combination of the two (with method-level overriding the class definition). Requests upon a singleton bean employing CMC are not designed to block indefinitely until a lock becomes available. We may also specify sensible timeouts:
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By default, the Selenium RC server starts on port 4444. If it doesn t collide with any of
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Listing 9.9 Changing default reader provider Use the not-shared strategy Use a custom reader provider strategy
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The new setting:
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Listing 3.23
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planning 207 using JUnit 85 110 web applications with HttpUnit 300 with main() 86 <testSpec> task 309 third-party task 235, 237 ThoughtWorks CruiseControl 388 Timestamp 75 generating 58 generating in build 299 ISO 8601 75 To-do list generation with XDoclet 261 Tomcat 4.0 deployment 456 4.1 deployment 457 deployment 456 installing application 450 management interface 175 remote deployment 181 securing management requests 457 unloading application 449 Torque 19, 250 253 <touch> task 611 <translate> task 611 translatePath() 472 troubleshooting 527 531 Ant not found 528 ANT_HOME 529 ANT_OPTS 530 CLASSPATH 529 JAVA_HOME 528 JDK not installed 527 missing task 529 multiple Ant versions 528 sealing violation 530 stack overflow 527 <trycatch> task 256 <tstamp> task 58, 75 76, 611 generating deployment timestamp 460 <typedef> task 611 U Unix installing Ant 525 526 line endings 144 scheduling 388 <unjar> task 612 <untar> task 612 <unwar> task 612
One very important thing to note here is that the groupBy attribute is referring to a property name, not a column name. The result map for the orders has the same three functions:
If Not IsPostBack And _ Profile.UserName IsNot Nothing And _ Profile.IsAnonymous = False Then
Flyweight Pattern
Must reparse files on each access. Number of files becomes unwieldy. Requires use of proprietary storage mechanism. Unproven technology New technology, relies on file system storage.
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Figure 10.7 Some of the attributes of the Toolkit API determine how a script descriptor generates a $create statement.
Calling a JNI function
interface ISettableNamedPerson { string Name { get; set; } }
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