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You have to link in some additional resources to use SQLite, as is typical for any major new functionality. First, you need to add the framework, which you can find under /usr/lib/libsqlite3.0.dylib, rather than in the standard framework directory. Second, you must add an import of sqlite3.h. You now have a database that s ready to use, and you ve included the functionality that you need to use it. The next step is to access SQLite s functions.
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catch (NamingException ne) { throw ne; } } }
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7.1.1 Introducing the server of origin policy
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"flags" "setflags" "clrflags" "fflags" "setfflags" "clrfflags"
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This example shows the XML file that is fetched by this service for October 12.
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Integer Versus Floating-Point Division
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Open the ServiceConfiguration.cscfg file and replace the following line to include your storage account settings. This change reconfigures the diagnostic system to store log data into your storage account. The old setting:
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Listing 10.21 ClippingPath.java
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Policy enforcement: system wide contracts
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Indexed properties are properties that represent an array of values. For example, if you have an Order bean, you may want an indexed property for the OrderItem objects associated with that Order. According to the specification, the signatures for the get and set methods for it would be
Index names can be customized
4: Saving and Retrieving Data
This shows the C# syntax for invoking a method. Here we re using a method provided by the Console class, which is part of the .NET Framework class library, and it is defined in the System namespace. We could have written the fully qualified name, in which case the code would look like this:
10.2 Configuring slave nodes
error CS0535: 'ChatServerLibrary.ChatService' does not implement interface member 'ChatServerLibrary.IChatService.PostNote(string, string)'
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