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$im->ColorFloodfill(geometry x y fill bordercolor => => => => => geometry, integer, integer, color, color)
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The AppleTree class would thus be promising that it d respond to all the methods defined in the Growing protocol. We won t be creating any new protocols in this book. However, we will be making use of existing ones because within Apple s iPhone OS, they re tied integrally to the MVC model. Views hand off protocol descriptions of how they should be used to view controllers via datasource and delegate properties both topics that we ll introduce when we talk about the iPhone OS in just a moment. With that, we feel like the shine has gone off our apples, so we re going to be returning to real-life examples when we move on to the iPhone OS. But first, having provided an overview of a whole new programming language in an impossibly short number of pages, we re going to summarize what we ve learned.
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The IDE plug-ins (required, if using an IDE) We talked about IDEs and their merits. Each IDE needs a plug-in to teach it how to use the JavaFX SDK tools. These URLs will lead you to the relevant project page.
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Introducing Hibernate, EJB3, and JPA
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abstract public public public public public public } class State { virtual string virtual string virtual string virtual string virtual string virtual string Move(Context context) {return " ";} Attack(Context context) {return " ";} Stop(Context context) {return " ";} Run(Context context) {return " ";} Panic(Context context) {return " ";} CalmDown(Context context) {return " ";}
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private enum WeatherType { Sunny = 0, Rainy = 1, Cloudy = 2, Unknown = int.MaxValue }
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enumerateRecords(RecordFilter filter, RecordComparator comparator,
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The Page
The ID of a control can t be set programmatically. It s automatically set by the Sys.UI.Control class to the same ID as the associated element. You can get a reference to the control by passing the ID of the associated DOM element to $find.
Add the new operation to the Portal (Abstraction), but not to the Bridge, so it does not affect other implementations. If we cannot alter the Portal, we can create an extension method to extend it as follows:
If the font you need isn t available and you aren t sure what to use, let GDI+ choose for you. It includes a few generic fonts for emergency use.
1.7 Benefits of AOP
be discarded. Creating a Configuration and is simple, but you have some options. There are three ways to create and initialize a Configuration object. This first snippet loads the properties and mapping files defined in the hibernate.cfg.xml file and creates the SessionFactory:
<documenttags> EjbDocletTask ejb.EjbDocletTask Many (See chapter 14 for more details.)
items.Insert(0, item); // Ensure we have no more than the maximum specified // number of items. if (items.Count > maxItems) { items.RemoveAt(items.Count - 1); }
Web Components
9.8 Modeling performance
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