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Figure 13.12 Running the MsgClient and MsgListener passing datagrams. The MsgListener waits for activity on a specified port. When a datagram is sent from the MsgClient, the MsgListener receives the datagram and responds appropriately.
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Chart topping: Feedback, version 2
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The Timer Service ( 19) allows the EJB container to fire time-based events into business logic methods. Instead of servicing a client request, we may instead set triggers to, for instance, process a batch job every hour. Web Services (s 20 and 21) address the need for interoperability with other platforms outside Enterprise Java.
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In the previous listing, we re using an oval. We ve added a tag called padding, which allows us to define padding or space between the object and other objects in the UI. We re also using the tag called stroke, which allows us to define the style of the line that makes up the border of the oval (see the following listing).
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1. Place a breakpoint in Run( ) on the following line, and then run the program:
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dirsep pathsep property refid setonempty targetos <map> <path> Default directory separator string; defaults to current JVM. [String] Default path separator string; defaults to current JVM. [String] The property into which the converted path will be placed. [String] Adds a reference to a Path, FileSet, DirSet, or FileList defined elsewhere. [Reference] If false, don t set the new property if the result is the empty string; default true. [Boolean] Sets target platform; required unless pathsep or dirsep are specified. [windows, unix, netware, os/2] Creates a nested MAP element. Creates a nested PATH element. [Path]
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if ( valueThree > valueTwo ) { Console.WriteLine("ValueThree: {0} larger than ValueTwo: {1}", valueThree, valueTwo ); } // end if
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Creating a tag library First, we need a tag to mark up; we will write a simple one to test system happiness and return an error code if we think there is anything wrong. We could use this in our build file, fetching the page and failing the build if it returns an error. That means we
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association must be declared as inverse. The end declared as inverse is significant because the non-inverse end will control the join table that links the objects. Changes made to the inverse end of the association will not be persisted. Before we end our discussion on collections, let s briefly cover how cascades impact collections.
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Figure 19-7. Look Ma, I m Japanese
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11.4 Summary
B zier curves are parametric curves developed in 1959 by Paul de Casteljau (using de Casteljau s algorithm). They were widely publicized in 1962 by Paul B zier, who used them to design automobile bodies. Nowadays they re important in computer graphics. Cubic B zier curves are defined by four points: the two endpoints the current point and point (x3,y3) and two control points (x1,y1) and (x2,y2). The curve starts at the first endpoint going onward to the first control point, and it arrives at the second endpoint coming from the second control point. In general, the curve doesn t pass through the control points. They re there only to provide directional information. The distance between an endpoint and its corresponding control point determines how long the curve moves toward the control point before turning toward the other endpoint.
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</mbean> ... </server>
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