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from an iPhone. The easiest way to do this is as is typical in web design by looking at the user agent. Listing 3.1 shows the best way to do this using a PHP example.
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Processing XML
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3.1.2 Passing by reference vs. value
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requested. It does not provide the ability to initiate cancellation. That is provided by a separate class called CancellationTokenSource. The reason for splitting the discovery and control of cancellation across two types is that it would otherwise be impossible to provide a task with cancellation notifications without also granting that task the capability of initiating cancellation. CancellationTokenSource is a factory of cancellation tokens you ask it for a token and then pass that into the operation you want to be able to cancel. Example 16-23 is similar to Example 16-21, but it passes a cancellation token to StartNew, and then uses the source to cancel the operation if the user clicks a Cancel button.
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Call (New PatronRecord).ViewPatronRecord(ActiveID, False)
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Creating Your Own IEnumerable<T>
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the enumerator it doesn t iterate all the way to the end of the sequence.) You may run into situations where the list might be empty. For example, suppose you want to show the user s next appointment for today it s possible that there are no more appointments. If you call First in this scenario, it will throw an exception. So there s also a FirstOrDefault operator, which returns the default value when there are no elements (e.g., null, if you re dealing with a reference type). The Last and LastOrDefault operators are similar, except they return the very last element in the sequence, or the default value in the case of an empty sequence. A yet more specialized case is where you are expecting a sequence to contain no more than one element. For example, suppose you modify the CalendarEvent class to add an ID property intended to be used as a unique identifier for the event. (Most real calendar systems have a concept of a unique ID to provide an unambiguous way of referring to a particular calendar entry.) You might write this sort of query to find an item by ID:
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The IS EMPTY operator allows the query to test whether a collection-based relationship is empty. Remember from 11 that a collection-based relationship will never be null. If a collection-based relationship field has no elements, it returns an empty Collection or Set. Testing whether a collection-based relationship is empty has the same purpose as testing whether a single relationship field or basic field is null: it can be used to limit the scope of the query and items selected. For example, the following query selects all the Employees who have no Phones:
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Reattaching a modified detached instance A detached instance may be reattached to a new Session (and managed by this new persistence context) by calling update() on the detached object. In our experience, it may be easier for you to understand the following code if you rename the update() method in your mind to reattach() however, there is a good reason it s called updating. The update() method forces an update to the persistent state of the object in the database, always scheduling an SQL UPDATE. See listing 9.6 for an example of detached object handling.
At the turn of the century, customers with increasing frequency signed massive contracts with software and services firms for EJB projects. Everyone was eager to usher in the new emperor. Giga Information Group estimates that the J2EE application server market was at $2.25 billion in 2002. Undoubtedly, some of this money was well spent. EJB can hide much of the complexity from our applications. Component-oriented designs allow you to reuse major services from the container. Deployment descriptors let you delay major decisions until deploy time. But Nirvana has not been achieved. Gartner ( estimates that customers overspent $1 billion on EJB technologies in 2001. Today, the outcry against EJB is, at times, deafening: Entity beans are too bloated and slow. Deployment descriptors are too complex. Technologies and frameworks swirling around J2EE move so fast that we can t keep up.
< xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" > <mx:Application xmlns:mx="" layout="absolute" applicationComplete="stage.scaleMode = StageScaleMode.EXACT_FIT; initList(;"> <mx:Script> <![CDATA[ private function initList(day:Object):void { Initializes days.selectedItem = day; date getDateInfo(days.selectedItem); } private function getDateInfo(day:Object):void { screeningsService.url= '' Gets data for + day + '.xml'; specific day screeningsService.send(); screeningsDataGrid.invalidateList(); }
17.5.1 Connecting the service to the bus
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Listing 1.5 The DataLayer class includes the logic for retrieving the connection string information from the configuration file. This is achieved with help from the ASP.NET ConfigurationManager class.
Using the wrong class for the job. In object-oriented languages, we ve got to choose between classes like tables and arrays that have similar function but different characteristics. If our algorithm calls for random access of a collection, using a b-tree or hash table will be much faster than an array. If we re going to frequently index or enumerate the collection, an array is faster.
What sets Ajax apart
Customizing SQL
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