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abbreviations 82 abstraction layer 19, 258 accessor methods 82 account 304 Account objects 248 account.accountId property 134 Account.getByIdValue mapped statement 90 Account.xml file 236 AccountDao interface 230, 241, 264 AccountDao variable 230 AccountDaoImpl class 230 accountId parameter 123 accountId property 86, 116 accountId value 90, 93 AccountManufacturerProduct class 141 Action 306 class 262 ActionContext 306 308
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Long Term JavaBeans Persistence
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the chance of our UI tests breaking because of orthogonal changes that shouldn t affect the semantic behavior of our tests. Our test is merely attempting to follow the Products link, so it shouldn t fail if the semantics of the Products link don t change. In the next few sections, we ll continue this theme of enforcing a connection between test and UI code, moving away from black-box testing.
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Listing 1.5 Using the XMLHttpRequest control to asynchronously retrieve data
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instance to 100 and we usually have 150 active clients, the container will continue to passivate and activate bean instances, thus causing performance problems. You can go a long way toward solving potential memory problems by explicitly removing the no longer required bean instances rather than depending on the container to time them out. As discussed earlier, you can annotate a method with the @Remove annotation that signals the container to remove the bean instance. Given the fact that stateful session beans can become performance bottlenecks whether through improper usage or under certain circumstances, it is worth inspecting the alternatives to using them.
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This chapter covers
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5. MSC.bind(s)
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Once you make these changes, you can run the service and it ll start up, authenticate, and start listening for messages coming from the bus. You ll then need to perform similar actions on the client.
Assert results based
Automatic schema generation
Pool.MaximumIdleConnections This specifies the number of connections
Evaluation mode Left to right Left to right Left to right Left to right Left to right Left to right Left to right Left to right Left to right Left to right Class Class Right to left Right to left Division Remainder Addition Subtraction Equality Inequality Less than
Figure 14.1 Product detail page of the Hawaiian Shirt Shop website
This chapter has been a necessarily long discussion on the topic of personalization because of the significant role that personalization plays within the portal. It is also the last of the chapters which I refer to as building block chapters. The building block chapters have covered the core ASP.NET objects used to create portal applications and include: Web parts Zones Connections WebPartManager Personalization
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