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// start Singleton pattern // private constructors Fa ade( ) { a = new SubsystemA( ); b = new SubsystemB( ); c = new SubsystemC( ); } static Fa ade( ) {} // private object static readonly Fa ade uniqueInstance = new Fa ade( ); // public static property public static Fa ade Instance { get {return uniqueInstance;} } // end Singleton pattern
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For more information on the <sql> and <include> elements, refer to section 4.1.3 in the previous chapter. Now that you have the building blocks, let s look at how you can put them together.
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each space between Hello and World is treated as another character in the string. (In this case, there is only one space character.)
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You attach interfaces to a class using the Implements keyword. This same keyword is used later to indicate which class member defines which interface member.
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This gives us some degree of safety, although still not as much as we would get under Java. A rogue object might implement getArea() to return a string rather than a numerical value, for example. We have no way of knowing the return type of a JavaScript function unless we call it, because JavaScript functions have no predefined type. (Indeed, we could write a function that returns a number during the week and a string on weekends.) Writing a set of simple test functions to check return types is easy enough; for example:
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Parsing XML
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The preceding XML is a complete deployment descriptor. The <interceptorbinding> element specifies that we want the RecordingAuditor interceptor to be executed whenever the getChannel() method of the TunerEJB is invoked. Because the getChannel() method is not overloaded in the bean class, the <method-params> element isn t explicitly required. If you want to apply an interceptor to every business method of a particular EJB, then leave out the <method-name> and <method-params> elements: generate barcode 128
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The table view controller
<head> <meta name="viewport" content="width = 200"> <script type="text/javascript"> window.onorientationchange = function() { document.getElementById("orAnnounce").innerText = window.orientation; } </script> </head> <body> <span class="orAnnounce" id="orAnnounce"> <script type="text/javascript"> document.write(window.orientation); </script> </span> </body>
Default Entity Listeners
Listing 8.8
The intent of the sample application was to tie together many things learned in previous chapters into a composite application. Our field service application has real-world applicability to the kind of uses an Android device is capable of bringing to fruition. Is this sample application production ready Of course not, but almost! That, as they say, is an exercise for the reader. Starting with a simple splash screen, this application demonstrates the use of Handlers and displaying images stored in the resources section of an Android project. Moving along to the main screen, a simple UI leads to different activities useful for launching various aspects of the realistic application. Communications with the server involve downloading XML data, while showing the user a ProgressDialog along the way. Once the data stream commences, the data is parsed by the SAX XML parser, using a custom Handler to navigate the XML document. We demonstrated that managing jobs in a ListView is as easy as tapping on the desired job in the list. The next screen, the ShowJobs Activity, allows even more functionality, with the ability to jump to a Map showing the location of the job and even a specific product information page customized to this job. Both of those functions are as simple as preparing an Intent and a call to startActivity(). Once the mobile technician completes the job in the field, the CloseJob Activity brings the touch-screen elements into play by allowing the user to capture a signature from his customer. That digital signature is then stamped with additional, contextual information and transmitted over the internet to prove the job was done. Jumping back to what you learned earlier, it would be straightforward to add location-based data to further authenticate the captured signature. The chapter wrapped up with a quick survey of the server-side components to demonstrate some of the steps necessary to tie the mobile and the server sides together. The sample application is hosted on the internet and is free for you to test out with your own Android application, and the full source code is provided for the Android and server applications discussed in this chapter. Now that we ve shown what can be accomplished when exercising a broad range of the Android SDK, the next chapter takes a decidedly different turn, as we explore the underpinnings of Android a little deeper and look at building native C applications for the Android platform.
The GetChildNamingLogic function returns a lambda expression. That lambda expression is used in the NameMyChild method, passing John as an argument to the lambda. And it works. The question is how. The problem is that nameSuffix, used in the lambda expression s logic, is a local variable within the GetChildNamingLogic method. All local variables are destroyed whenever a method exits. By the time the MsgBox function is called, nameSuffix will be long gone. Yet the code works as though nameSuffix lived on. To make this code work, Visual Basic uses a new feature called variable lifting. Seeing that nameSuffix will be accessed outside the scope of GetChildNamingLogic, Visual Basic rewrites your source code, changing nameSuffix from a local variable to a variable that has a wider scope. In the new version of the source code, Visual Basic adds a closure class, a dynamically generated class that contains both the lambda expression and the local variables used by the expression. When you combine these together, any code that gets access to the lambda expression will also have access to the local variable.
Once data is written to the HttpConnection, an InputStream is opened to wait for the response as follows:
using a Microsoft Passport account. To begin the login process, click on the Sign In link at the top of the page, and if you already have a Passport account you can enter your credentials to log in; otherwise you ll have to create an account first. 10.5.1 Personalizing the portal After logging in to the site we are presented with a directory of web parts woops I mean Gadgets which we can add to our page. Conceptually, this is no different than the custom catalogs we created for our Adventure Works portal. The only difference is that what we called a Catalog is called a Directory on; and while our Catalog was full of web parts, the directory is full of gadgets. On the site, these Gadgets are grouped into categories such as Fun, News & Info, People & Sharing, Productivity, and so on. Figure 10.6 shows the user interface pro- Figure 10.6 Within the portal we vided for browsing the directory and can choose to customize our page by selecting from a directory of Gadgets. adding Gadgets.
For example, in our data access layer code we typically handle exceptions using try catch code blocks, such as the one shown in the following snippet of code:
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