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public class SomeBusinessClass extends OtherBusinessClass { ... Core data members ... Override methods in the base class public void someOperation1(<operation parameters>, ...) { ... Perform the core operation } ... More operations similar to above }
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When we create an XSLT transformation, we need to state the version and encoding b of the XML. The XSLT namespace c needs to be specified. The namespace gives the document the rules and specifications that it is expected to follow. The
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cascade="none", the default, tells Hibernate to ignore the association. cascade="save-update" tells Hibernate to navigate the association when the transaction is committed and when an object is passed to save() or update() and save newly instantiated transient instances and persist changes to
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Figure 3.8 The extended MSBuild script in action. Using MSBuild Community Tasks, you can archive the output and send it as an email attachment.
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Hibernate basics
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Alternative approaches to Dynamic SQL
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<codegen> <generate renderer="net.sf.hibernate.tool.hbm2java.VelocityRenderer"> <param name="template">pojo.vm</param> </generate> </codegen>
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realize Swing application, meaning of 295 ReentrantWriterPreferenceReadWriteLock concurrency utility library 317 refactored code core concern 429 refactoring 236, 426, 433 Aspectj, using See aspectual refactoring 431 base-derived aspect 298 refactoring aspect code sharing 402 reflection API 101 111 class diagram 103 dynamic information 102 example of 106 Signature interface 104 105 SourceLocation interface 104 static information 102 static vs. dynamic information 102 structural relationship 103 UML class diagram 103 using 106 reflective API See reflection API 103 usage of 111 registerConnection() 212 regression testing logging, and 174 release() concurrency utility library 317 Remote Method Invocation (RMI) 137 RemoteException 137 repaint() swing thread-safety, and 288 requirement changes business rules 392 requirements accommodating new 6 resource destruction resource destruction join point 227 resource pooling advice 211
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Check for correct color value
To set up a message-driven EJB to receive JMS messages, you need to describe its functionality in the XML deployment descriptor. For instance, the sample XML in listing 1.10 describes the message-driven bean, including which JMS topic it describes.
2.1 Generating home, remote, local, and local home interfaces 2.3 Keeping your EJB deployment descriptor current 2.8 Generating vendor-specific deployment descriptors 2.9 Specifying security roles in the bean source
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Before you assign values to array elements, or retrieve those elements, you must declare and size the array for your needs. The Dim statement creates an array just as it does ordinary variables; the ReDim statement resizes an array after it already exists.
9.6 Summary
Networking and web services
Application Code
An MDB can chew on only one message at a time. Until its onMessage() method returns (swallows what s in its mouth), an MDB cannot be used to handle other messages. That is, an MDB instance is not re-entrant. If another message is delivered to the MDB container before a busy instance s onMessage() method returns, then the container will pluck another MDB instance from the instance pool to handle the new message. This is true for both publish/subscribe and point-to-point messaging. Messages published to a topic are delivered to one MDB instance in every MDB container registering interest in the topic. Messages sent to a queue are delivered to one MDB instance in exactly one MDB container registering interest in the queue. In either case, an MDB instance can only handle messages serially. When the onMessage() method takes a relatively long time to handle a message, more and more instances in an MDB instance pool will be needed to handle high message volumes. Messages will start to back up any time the average arrival time of messages is greater than the average time to consume each message, thereby creating a bottleneck that restricts message throughput. In general, anytime the ratio of message production to consumption is high, message throughput will suffer.
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