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Creator DataMatrix in Java The package mapper was conceived and implemented by Erik while writing this chapter.

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SELECT o.TotalDue, o.OrderDate FROM AdventureWorksLT2008Entities.SalesOrderHeaders AS o WHERE o.OrderDate = @orderDate
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If you ve been keeping a close eye on the code up to this point, you ll have noticed that we don t have a default way to create the NHibernate repository instance of IVisitorRepository that lives in the Infrastructure project. Our UI project doesn t reference the Infrastructure project at all. This section will walk through the process of wiring up these decoupled pieces. The first piece is in the Web.config file. Inside the httpModules node, we ve registered an extra module:
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Programming ASP.NET Applications
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The LRU cache model type uses a least recently used strategy to manage the cache. The internals to this cache determine which objects are accessed least recently and discard them when size limits are exceeded. The discarding of cache objects only occurs when the cache exceeds the size-limit constraint. The size limit defines the number of objects that can be contained within the cache. Avoid placing large memory objects into this type of cache and thus running out of memory. The LRU cache is a great fit for managing a cache based on popular access to particular objects. Often this kind of caching strategy is used in applications that need to cache objects used for paged results or keyed search results. The only property that can be specified for the LRU cache type when using the <property> tag is size, which specifies the maximum number of objects that can be stored in the cache. Listing 9.5 shows a simple LRU cache model that keeps the last 200 cached objects in memory for up to 24 hours and also flushes the cache whenever the insert, update, or delete mapped statement is called.
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Trigger an update to clashes
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glEnable glEnable glClearColor }
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your editing window. Fortunately, that s pretty easy. To stop debugging and end the program, just click Debug Stop Debugging, or click the Stop button ( ) on the Debugging toolbar.
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abstract class NamedPerson { public abstract string Name { get; } }
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The @WebResult annotation specification resembles the specification for @WebParam. You ll notice it s a bit smaller, though, because you have less control over return values than you do over parameters.
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for (int i = 0; i < 2; i++) { bf = BaseFont.createFont( FONTS[i], BaseFont.IDENTITY_H, BaseFont.EMBEDDED); document.add(new Paragraph("Font: " + bf.getPostscriptFontName())); font = new Font(bf, 20); document.add(new Paragraph(MOVIE, font)); }
IDE crosscutting view 61, 434 integration 61 multiple aspect, viewing 433 idioms 277 285 definition of 246 design pattern, difference 246 programming tips 277 if pointcut 80 example of 80, 199, 223, 299 nullifying advice, idiom 279 removal of advice, warning 279 ILOG JRules rule engine 417 implementation phase AspectJ, using 428 common practices 428 core concern 429 implementation space one-dimensional 10 implicit limiting of join points refactor, warning 133 improving UI responsiveness 313, 314 incremental adoption policy enforcement, and 179 incremental compilation iajc ant task 453 incremental compilation mode See -incremental option, ajc 444 -incremental option, ajc 445 sourceroots, need for 446 indentation concrete aspect 171 example of 107 reusable aspect 171 use in profiling 175 indented logging IndentedLogging base aspect 171 subaspect, example of 328, 363, 375, 408 individual productivity improving, using AspectJ 434 infinite recursion avoiding 277 278 avoiding, idiom 277 avoiding using !within() 108
Key and lamp layout
Validate the domain by clicking the Generate Key button. After you click the button, you ll be presented with the screen shown in figure 8.7.
This automatic interpretation of EJB 3 JNDI names into local references is a nice alternative to mentioning the local ENC (java:comp/env) prefix over and over again. However, this convenience does come at a price. Since you cannot use global names with the name parameter, you have to make sure that you perform the mapping between the ENC and global JNDI names in all cases. Fortunately, many application servers will automatically resolve the ENC name to the global JNDI name if a resource with the same global JNDI name exists. For example, if you are using the Sun GlassFish or Oracle Application Server and you define a data source as shown here, the application server will automatically map the data source to the global JNDI resource bound to jdbc/ActionBazaarDS, even if you didn t explicitly map the resource:
Even though we ve only got one method, which supports two arguments, code that tries to call it with a single argument will still work. That s because default values can fill in for missing arguments. (If we tried to call SendMessage with no arguments at all, we d get a compiler error, because there s no default for the first argument here.) But it doesn t end there. Say we had a method with four parameters, like this one:
public void onAuthenticationResult(boolean result) { hideProgress(); if (result) { if (!confirmCredentials) { finishLogin(); } else { finishConfirmCredentials(true); } } else {
If a Chunk is split over multiple lines, the onGenericTag() method will be invoked as many times as there are lines. Every line will have its own Rectangle.
Although certain pointcut definitions use only a type signature pattern by itself to designate all join points in all types that match the pattern, type signature patterns
In this chapter, we looked at testing some of the most popular types of code we ll write with the ASP.NET MVC Framework. We learned how to test routes using the test helpers available in MvcContrib. We also learned how to create automated tests for controllers, model binders, and action filters. Each of these types of code has special behaviors, and each of these needs automated test cases. Because code can be executed on every request, it s vital to ensure that code behaves as desired. The true test of a working MVC application is using it in a browser. Refer back to chapter 20 on full-system testing for more than just unit testing. In chapter 27, we ll learn how to apply jQuery to create an autocomplete text box.
Description Converts a value to a Boolean. Converts a value to a Byte. Converts a value to a Char. If the source value is a string, only the first character is converted. Converts a value to a Date. If the source value is a string, it must be in a valid date or time format. Converts a value to a Double. Converts a value to a Decimal.
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