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The iterate() method of the Session and Query interfaces behaves differently than the find() and list() methods. It s provided specifically to let you take full advantage of the second-level cache. Consider the following code:
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Listing 13.2 Build script for Hello Android, buildhello.bat
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response.setHeader("Cache-control", "must-revalidate, post-check=0, pre-check=0");
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The full program is shown in Example 6-2.
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Listing 12.5, which implements the FieldService Activity
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ported by DDMS. Because of this we find it more valuable at present to use GPX as a debugging and testing format, because it supports detailed timing. KML is still important; it s an international standard and will continue to gain traction. Also, KML is an important format for other Google applications, so you may encounter it more frequently in other contexts than GPX. For example, you could create a KML route using Google Earth, and then later use it in your emulator to simulate movement. Now that you know how to send mock location information to the emulator in various formats, you can step out of the built-in Maps application and start creating your own programs that rely on location.
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your configuration and sets up all of the URIs, usernames, account names, and so on. This is better than having to set four or five different parameters when you re newing up the connection. Once you have a handle to the Queue service, you can call ListQueues. This doesn t just return a list of strings, as you might expect, but instead returns a collection of queue objects. Each queue object represents a queue in your account and is fully usable. The equivalent call to get a list of queues in REST would be like the following code. You can see that it s a simple GET.
The data linking an object instance, a database row, and a Lucene Document, besides the entity type, is the identity property (named primary key in the database). Hibernate Search requires you to mark the identity property in a given class hierarchy. This property will be stored in the index structure and is one of the properties you ll be able to query by in a full-text query. Have a look at listing 3.5.
return b; } function go(isFast){ var count=parseInt(document.getElementById("count").value); if (count==NaN){ alert("please enter a valid number"); }else if (isFast){ fastLoop(count); }else{ slowLoop(count); } } </script> </head> <body> <div> <a href='"profiler")'>profile</a>  <input id='count' value='25'/>  <a href='javascript:go(true)'>fast loop</a>  <a href='javascript:go(false)'>slow loop</a> </div> <div> <div class='profiler objViewBorder' id='profiler'></div> </div> </body> </html>
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