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Now that we have a list of Lucene index changes to apply, we need to apply them. The most obvious solution is to fire up Lucene and delegate the work to the library. This is essentially what LuceneBackendQueueProcessor does. The work isn t as easy as it sounds, because you need to acquire locks to various Lucene indexes in a way that prevents deadlocks and should take care of Hibernate Search sharding strategies (see section 9.4). It s unlikely that you ll need to adjust this implementation. More surprisingly, LuceneBackendQueueProcessor isn t the only implementation Hibernate Search provides. Another implementation named JMSBackendQueueProcessorFactory sends the Lucene change list to a JMS queue instead of processing it locally. You ve already started to see some of the benefits of JMS as a distributed model in section 5.3.3, and you ll see more in chapter 10. Some people, for one reason or another, want to use a different communication layer than JMS (probably because of the myth that JMS is heavyweight). Implementing a custom BackendQueueProcessorFactory is the perfect solution for that. A BackendQueueProcessorFactory is responsible for returning a Runtime instance that, when executed, will push the Lucene change list out of Hibernate Search s responsibility (either by applying the changes or by delegating the changes to another instance).
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Listing 17.3 MKAnnotation.m
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You ve defined how your web page will look. Now you need to bind the grid to the data source on page load. Listing 9.4 shows the code-behind required to display a list of BLOBs for the selected container in your grid.
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[ServiceContract] public interface IChatService { [OperationContract] void DoWork(); }
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but if you must target older versions of the OS, look there for SMS-related functions. Of course, such classes work only on GSM-compatible devices.
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As you ll have noticed in the supported LINQ syntax list (table 12.2), there was no mention of the SELECT statement. You can use the SELECT statement to return the entire entity, but you can t use SELECT to instruct the Table service to only return a subset of the entity properties.
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As was mentioned previously, when interacting with the various items in a display, the system may force the user into system-generated displays such as this one in order to allow the user to interact with the component. The additional items of the form are displayed by scrolling down. (figure 5.10)
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A Hibernate Search query is a wrapper around a Lucene query exposed as a standard Hibernate or Java Persistence query object. If you use a FullTextSession object, an org.hibernate.Query object is returned by the createFullTextQuery() method. If you use a FullTextEntityManager object, a javax.persistence.Query object is returned by the createFullTextQuery() method. This is particularly interesting when migrating traditional SQL/HQL-based queries to full-text queries. While the creation of the query changes, subsequent manipulations (settings, execution, and so on) do not.
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SiteMonitorUpdater class SiteMonitorUpdater implements Runnable { private static final String tag = "SiteMonitorUpdater";
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while (true) { CloudQueueMessage msg = queue.GetMessage(); Gets if (msg != null) message { string messageContent = msg.AsString; DoWork(messageContent); queue.DeleteMessage(msg); Does work, } deletes message else { System.Threading.Thread.Sleep(1000); Sleeps if } no messages }
routes.MapRoute("CategoryRoute", "{category}/{action}", new { Controller = "Products", Action="index" });
June is month number 6.
<property name="initialPrice" type="persistence.MonetaryAmountCompositeUserType"> <column name="INITIAL_PRICE"/> <column name="INITIAL_PRICE_CURRENCY"/> </property>
public class SocketListener extends Thread
EJB Container
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