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The displayed environment includes four key areas, which I ve labeled with letters in Figure 5-5: A. The toolbox This listing of controls includes not only display controls, but also controls that expose no specific user interface, such as the Timer. (If you don t see the toolbox, select the View Toolbox menu command.) To add a control to a form, double-click the control in the toolbox, drag it from the toolbox to the form, or draw the control on the form after first selecting it from the toolbox. B. The form surface Place any control that exposes a user interface here. The form is WYSIWYG, so you can see the final result as you design the form.
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class Colleague { Interact visuals; string name; public Colleague(Mediator mediator, string name) { = name; visuals = new Interact(name); mediator.SignOn(name, Receive, visuals); } public void Receive(string message, string from) { visuals.Output(from + ": " + message); } } class MediatorPattern { static void Main ( ) { Mediator m = new Mediator( ); Colleague chat1 = new Colleague(m, "John"); Colleague chat2 = new Colleague(m, "David"); Colleague chat3 = new Colleague(m, "Lucy"); } } }
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@Entity @Indexed public abstract class Item { ... @Field @Boost(2.0f) private String title;
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You can find these tips, plus more (including examples), in an article by Michael Heinrichs titled JavaFX Mobile Applications Best Practices for Improving Performance. The web address has been broken over two lines: javafx/mobile/index.html
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for my $frame (1 .. $nframes) { my $filename = sprintf "$basename%03d.tif", $frame;
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Listing 8.12 PhotoViewer.fx (part 1)
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1.5 Summary: Looking ahead
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the Palm device. Just as in the case of the server-side software, these components can be substituted with other software that renders WML. Figure 6.1 depicts the case study application environment and the generic components that can be used in their place.
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The aspect, per se, does not detect the presence of public fields in a class. However, it detects read or write access to any such field. The pointcut get(public !final * *) captures read access to any nonfinal public field of any class. The use of !final prevents the code from issuing warnings for access to final fields, which usually isn t considered bad practice. Similarly, the pointcut set(public * *) captures all write access to any public field of any class. In case of write access, we have omitted !final, because Java s access check will take care of issuing an error for writing to a final field. Now when the developer compiles this aspect along with the rest of classes, he will get warnings similar to the following:
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You ve done a lot in this section, starting with creating a simple OpenGL ES context in which you can develop your OpenGL ES applications. Next, you learned how to build shapes using OpenGL ES by creating multiple triangles. Then, you learned how to realize this in three dimensions while incorporating it into a simple example. You accomplished much of this without diving deep into Open GL ES, which is definitely nontrivial, but the good news is if you re serious about doing 3D graphics on Android, it s definitely possible. Because Android provides excellent support for OpenGL ES, you can find plenty of tutorials and references on the internet or at your local bookstore.
In addition to retrieving the Item instance, the get() operation now also loads the linked seller of the Item; no User proxy is returned for this association. The same is true for JPA: The Item that has been loaded with find() doesn t reference a seller proxy. The User who is selling the Item must be loaded right away. (We answer the question how this is fetched later.) Disabling proxy generation on a global level is often too coarse-grained. Usually, you only want to disable the lazy loading behavior of a particular entity association or collection to define a fine-grained fetch plan. You want the opposite: eager loading of a particular association or collection.
Policy enforcement: system wide contracts
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