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Note that the call to HibernateUtil.commitTransaction() might not actually commit the database transaction: Hibernate transparently handles the fact that it s running in an EJB container with JTA, so the database transaction might remain in effect until the container commits it. However, a Hibernate Session flush occurs at this point. The failure of one of our business rules is indicated by throwing a BusinessException back to the client of this session bean. A failure of an infrastructure part of the application will throw an InfrastructureException; both will be wrapped in an EJBException, which in turn will be sent to the client wrapped in a RemoteException (all of this is handled by the EJB container). It will be the job of
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A protocol is effectively an interface that s not tied to a class. It declares a set of methods, listing their arguments and their returns. Classes can then state that they re using the protocol in their own @interface statements. For example, if we had a Growing protocol that was used by plants and animals alike, we could define its usage as follows:
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This time, when you run the application, the contents of the GridView are updated shortly after each update is made to the text box a cool achievement! The final results of your hard work are shown in figure 6.9.
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Classes are the core building blocks of C# and object-oriented programming because they allow you to create new types that model types in the problem domain that is, that model things in the area you are concerned with. A method is a named block of code that performs an action and that may return a value. A comment is a note for the programmer and does not affect the running of the application. A string is a set of text characters enclosed in quotes. You can use C# to develop console applications, Windows applications, web applications, and web services. This chapter wasn t that long and yet you ve come a very long way. You got a crashcourse introduction to the C# language, and you saw a little of what went into creating it and what goes on underneath. Most important, though, you wrote, compiled, and ran a real working application. You can already call yourself a C# programmer. Granted, creating an application with Notepad and the command-line compiler is a bit painful, and there s no reason why you should be fumbling around with a unicycle when you ve got a fully loaded Ferrari just waiting for you to slip behind the wheel. So, we re going to take just a quick break in the next chapter to show you around the Visual Studio IDE, and then we ll come right back to the fundamentals of the language.
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Listing 3.6 Sample XML output from listing 3.5
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public class Test { public static void main(String[] args) { CachePreFetcher.fetch(); ProjectSaver.backupSave(); } }
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var urlXSL='Phone.xsl';
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CFStringRef thisJob = ABRecordCopyValue(thisPerson, kABPersonJobTitleProperty); CFStringRef thisOrg = ABRecordCopyValue(thisPerson, kABPersonOrganizationProperty); if (thisJob != NULL && thisOrg != NULL) { myText.text = [myText.text stringByAppendingFormat: @"\n%@ of %@",thisJob,thisOrg]; }
Figure 3.11 The structure of a physical server and virtual instance servers in Azure. This figure illustrates the process involved in starting the server (q and w). It also shows the process of starting an instance and adding it to your service (e through y), and adding another virtual server (u). All these steps are coordinated by the FC and take only a few minutes.
Although the fields on the form initially indicate that they are for checkout only, the form does double duty, altering its visage for check-in purposes. Additionally, checkin listings are limited to only those items already checked out. I ve already added this form to the project, along with its source code. Most of the code queries the database for matching library items and displays the results using an owner draw listbox. It is a subset of the code found in the ItemLookup.vb form. The only real difference between check-in and checkout occurs in the PerformLookup method. This code block starts to build the main item selection SQL command, and then ends it with these statements:
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