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Figure 23-15 shows the properties for the first bound data column, Item Name. It s bound to a field in the data named ItemData via the DataField property. The next two columns are configured similarly but use the incoming data fields AuthorName and MediaType. The fourth column provides a hyperlink to the SearchDetail.aspx for each matching record. To build this column, I added it as a HyperLinkField column instead of a BoundField column. I set its Text property to Detail, which will appear on every record. Clicking on the link will pass the ID of the matching item (I set the DataNavigateUrlFields to ID) to the target page via a query string.
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/** * Ensures that Transfers between accounts obey the ACID properties of Transactions */ @Test public void transferRetainsIntegrity() throws Throwable { // Init final long alrubingerAccountId = ExampleUserData.ACCOUNT_ALRUBINGER_ID; final long blackjackAccountId = BlackjackServiceConstants.ACCOUNT_BLACKJACK GAME_ID; // Ensure there's the expected amounts in both the ALR and Blackjack accounts final BigDecimal expectedinitialALR = ExampleUserData.INITIAL_ACCOUNT_BALANCE_ ALR;
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Listing 7.26 ButtonsActions
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Once the CustomerSummary objects have been created, the controller passes them into the View() method, which transferring the objects to the view B. There s a special mechanism for sharing the model in ASP.NET MVC 2, and we ll cover it next.
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<target name="compile" depends="init" > <javac srcdir="src" destdir="build/classes"/> </target> <target name="doc" depends="init" > <javadoc destdir="build/classes" sourcepath="src" packagenames="org.*" /> </target> <target name="deploy" depends="compile,doc" > <jar destfile="dist/project.jar" basedir="build/classes"/> <ftp server="${}" userid="${ftp.username}" password="${ftp.password}"> <fileset dir="dist"/> </ftp> </target> </project>
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Implements a bulk accessor method
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< xml version="1.0" > <xsl:stylesheet xmlns:xsl="" version="1.0">
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Earlier I mentioned how the compiler essentially creates separate classes for each instance variation of a generic class that you create. This means that these two instances actually use completely different and generally unrelated classes:
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public class Event implements Serializable { private Set speakers = new LinkedHashSet(); /** * @hibernate.set * @hibernate.collection-key column="event_id" * @hibernate.collection-one-to-many * class="com.manning.hq.apdxA.Speaker" */ public Set getSpeakers() { return speakers; } public void setSpeakers(Set speakers) { this.speakers = speakers; } }
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The List object: a sequence of Paragraphs called ListItem
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public aspect ExtendedSecurityAspect extends SecurityAspect { before() : performCall() { System.out.println("<ExtendedSecurityAspect:check/>"); } }
Listing 4.5 PuzzleGrid.fx (version 3)
@Target({ TYPE, METHOD, FIELD }) @Retention(RUNTIME)
Page content and structure
Example 7-2. Strategy pattern example code Sorting Animator (continued)
Your next step is to tell Hibernate to use your listener class:
method always restores the original location of the book image, because you don t need to leave it over the shopping cart area. The code becomes the following:
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