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Listing 18.2 Flattening a simple hierarchy
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Table 8.1 All possible conversion characters for the PatternLayout class. Each character represents a piece of data that can be included in the conversion pattern. These characters allow you to add important information to the final form of the log message. Character c C d Description Outputs the name of the logger sending the message. Can be used with {} to substring logger names. Outputs the fully qualified classname containing the message. Can be used with {} to substring the classname. Outputs a timestamp for the logging event. Specify the format using {}. By default, ISO8601 format is used. Additionally, you can specify log4j formatters using ABSOLUTE, DATE, or ISO8601. Outputs the filename of where the message was coded. Outputs location information for the logging event. This varies by JVM implementation, but consists of a fully qualified classname, source filename, and line number. Outputs the line number where the message was coded. Outputs the message. Outputs the method name of the occurrence. Outputs a line separator for the execution platform. Outputs the priority of the logging event. Outputs the elapsed time since the start of the application (in milliseconds). Outputs the thread name of the logging event. Outputs the nested diagnostic context associated with the thread. Outputs the mapped diagnostic context associated with a thread. Must be used with {} specifying a client number. Use %% to output a single % character.
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The Employee Entity
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Asynchronous File Operations
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Parsing XML
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Now that you are familiar with the basic flavor of the AspectJ programming language, let s jump into the details. In the rest of this chapter, we examine the join point model and aspects, followed by a brief description of the AspectJ implementation. In chapter 3, we look at the syntax of AspectJ code as it is used in pointcuts, advice, and introductions.
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It s only fitting to talk about the final moments of a stateful session bean s life at the end of this chapter. Up until its last moments, a bean faithfully serves at the pleasure of its client. Barring any exceptional conditions, a bean will live as long
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12.1 Designing a real-world Android application
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Updating the build file
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Some queries, called projection queries, return the property values straight from the index rather than from the Hibernate persistence context. To project a property, its value must be stored in the index, and its bridge must be capable of reconstructing the object representation. Projection queries are described in section 6.5. Bridges that support the conversion of both the object to Lucene and from Lucene to the object are called two-way bridges.
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A slave node behaves and is in many ways just like a regular Hibernate Search application. The slave node collects all changes applied to indexed entities per transaction. It transforms the entity into its Lucene-friendly structure (a Document object). It executes full-text queries by opening a Lucene index (or indexes). However, instead of sharing the same Lucene index location with all other nodes, a slave keeps a local copy of the index. Having a local copy guarantees faster query response time (compared to an NFS solution) and ensures that a slave can serve fulltext queries autonomously. At regular intervals, a slave node obtains a copy of the master node index from a shared location. Remember, the slave doesn t apply changes to its local index; it passes the work list to the master. The master applies the changes to the Lucene index. Because of this asynchronous approach, there s a delay between the time an element is changed in the database and the time it s reflected by full-text queries. This
Equation 12.29 The number of matched terms divided by the total number of terms in the query
The onEnd() and onSectionEnd() methods are very similar to onParagraphEnd(). The on() and onSection() methods are similar to onParagraph(), but they have extra parameters. The title parameter contains the title you ve defined for the or Section; depth tells you how deep the Section can be found in the outline tree. In this example, you re adding Paragraphs with the content of the and Section titles to a list, and you re using the depth of the Sections to define an indentation. You can create a table of contents if you add all the Paragraphs in this list to the Document. You ll find this table of contents (TOC) on the last pages of the document. The TOC entries are stored only after s and Sections are rendered. You can t add the TOC up front. If you want the document to start with the TOC on the first page, you ll need to find a way to reorder the pages before the Document is closed.
Creating a build file
Apply a sine wave filter to an image.
a region named This setting is necessary if your application works with multiple SessionFactory instances or persistence units. Without it, cache region names of different persistence units may conflict. Now that you know about cache regions, you can configure the physical properties of the auction.model.Category cache. First let s choose a cache provider. Suppose you re running your auction application in a single JVM, so you don t need a cluster-aware provider.
Designing layered applications
Video recording follows a set of steps that are similar to those for audio recording:
<target name="create-manifest" depends="init" description="make the manifest" > <manifest file="${build.dir}/MANIFEST.MF"> <attribute name="Built-By" value="${}"/> <attribute name="Built-On" value="${timestamp.isoformat}"/> <attribute name="Main-Class" value="org.example.antbook.Search"/> </manifest> </target>
Likewise, the following criteria query returns all persistent objects (yes, you can select all the tables of your database with such a query):
Option Statements
if (base.DesignMode) { return CentralGalleryCatalogPart.DesignModeAvailableWebParts; } List<WebPartDescription> coll = new List<WebPartDescription>();
The first step is to download and install a recent JDK, making note of the location where you installed it, which should be assigned to the JAVA_HOME environment variable. This is usually a subdirectory of /usr/java or /opt/java. You should add the bin subdirectory of the JDK to the PATH environment variable, if it is not done for you. The second step is to download a recent Ant build from the Jakarta web site. This is intermittently available in RPM format for Linux systems and other Unix systems that handle that format. Alternatively, pull down the tarred and gzipped file. Because tar knows about file permissions, it is the best way to install onto Unix if the RPM format is not suitable. The tar files will not untar properly using the official version that comes with Solaris and MacOS, as they do not handle long file names properly. Use the GNU version of the tar tool instead. Zip files can always be unzipped with the JDK even if unzip does nothing: use jar xvf, but afterwards you may need to set the execute bit on files in the bin directory. You may even encounter problems with line endings in some of the scripts being in MS-DOS format with extra carriage returns rather than the line-feed-only format of Unix.
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