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Replacing Methods with virtual and override
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The process for generating a service endpoint interface for an EJB endpoint is identical to the process we used to generate a JAX-RPC client. The JAX-RPC compiler generates it from the <portType> and <message> definitions (and <types>, if present). The resulting interface looks like the following:
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If you were protecting an ASP.NET website instead of a REST-based WCF service, you could take those claims, put them in a class that implements IPrincipal, and use the class to make role decisions throughout your code. We ve finished a quick lap around ACS. ACS s sibling is the Service Bus, which will let us connect anything to anywhere, with just a little bit of WCF and cloud magic.
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Enough discussion. It is time to see the issues in action. To service requests for our example watch list page using only J2EE, we require the following components:
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Now that we have completed our requirement-gathering process and developed the analysis architecture, we move into design. During this phase, we detail each component and add any necessary implementation classes to our application. Also, we apply the principles and design patterns discussed throughout this book to create a more robust architecture.
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static void Main(string[] args) { foreach (string file in GetAllFilesInDirectory(@"c:\")) { Console.WriteLine(file); } } datamatrix reader
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Figure 9.1 This menu was created directly from a database.
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If all checks are successful, you place the new bid by adding it to the item. You don t have to save it manually it s saved using transitive persistence (cascading from the Item to Bid). The new Bid instance needs to be stored in some variable that is accessible by the following page, so you can display it to the user. You can use an attribute in the servlet request context for this. Committing the database transaction flushes the current state of the Session to the database and closes the current Session automatically. If any RuntimeException is thrown, either by Hibernate or by other services, you roll back the transaction and rethrow the exception to be handled appropriately outside the controller. The first thing wrong with this code is the clutter caused by all the transaction and exception-handling code. Because this code is typically identical for all actions, you would like to centralize it somewhere. One option is to place it in the execute() method of some abstract superclass of your actions. You also have a problem with lazy initialization, if you access the new bid on the success page, pulling it out of the request context for rendering: The Hibernate persistence context is closed and you can no longer load lazy collections or proxies. Let s start cleaning up this design and introduce layers. The first step is to enable lazy loading on the success page by implementing the Open Session in View pattern.
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Implementing an Interface
/** * A JAXM servlet that receives asynchronous * image updates for products from a supplier. */ public class ImageUpdateServlet extends JAXMServlet { public SOAPMessage onMessage(SOAPMessage message) { try {
Creates mapping with AutoMapper Performs map with AutoMapper
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