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< xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" > <configuration> <system.web> <customErrors mode="On" defaultRedirect="WebPartAdministration.aspx" /> </system.web> </configuration>
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It s also possible to nest target dictionaries. For instance, you might want to go to a child document of a child document, to the parent of a parent document, or to a sibling. This is done with the setAdditionalPath() method. We ll use this method in a more complex example involving portable collections.
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18: Creating Windows Applications
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Often, techniques that serve a kayaker well in one situation will prove disastrous in another. Nonetheless, kayakers like application designers often remain loyal to approaches that may not fit every situation. Unfortunately, when you have a golden hammer, such as EJB, every problem looks like a nail. In Bitter EJB , the golden hammer will be a recurring theme. Many EJB problems stem from misuse of individual EJB components. With this technology, you need to consider a problem at two levels. Throughout this book, we ll explore one of those levels understanding each piece of a problem and determining how individual EJB services and components might create a solution. Another level demands that you step back and view your problem from a broader perspective, deciding whether EJB is the correct match for your problem at all, or whether EJB has become your golden hammer. In this first chapter, we ve begun to take a look at the historic turmoil surrounding EJB. Customers who have opted to enter the EJB waters so far have demonstrated some successes as well as more than their share of spectacular failures.
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get() methods grouped in PojoToElementFactory
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cd ~/Projects/Antbook/app cvs update -P -R -d ant clean all
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Although declaring a single property has no impact on the size of a script file, in some situations an object exposes many properties. This can be a concern because the size of the script can increase significantly. Let s automate the process of declaring a simple property like the one shown in listing 13.7. The goal is to both reduce the size of the resulting script and save precious keystrokes. Listing 13.8 shows the code needed to declare a helper method called createProperty, which performs this task.
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This code snippet is a part of an MSBuild script that checks the coverage on the calculator mathematical library, including only the namespace CiDotNet.Calc and excluding CiDotNet.Calc.Test. The output will be saved in the PartCoverReport.xml file. You can call this target in the DefaultTargets of your MSBuild project. The integration of the report file with CCNet works as usual. You have to use an XSLT file on the XML output and integrate it with the CCNet Web Dashboard. PartCover comes with some XSLT files. Unfortunately, the files currently must be edited to work with CCNet, because the report file is integrated with the overall build-process report and extracted from there. The original files assume they re working with separate files. We won t discuss the required changes here; we hope the next version of PartCover comes with dedicated XSLT files. To make life easier for you, we ve provided the corrected files with this book. Copy the XSLT files to the xsl folder of your Dashboard installation. Go to dashboard.config, and extend the buildPlugins tag as follows. Listing 6.4 Extending CCNet dashboard.config with PartCover report transformations
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Starts location manager Sets standard properties
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public void businessMethod() throws EJBException { //perform important logic boolean returnValue = performBusinessFunction(); try { //evaluate success of logic if( returnValue ){ //do something else } else{ //force immediate rollback throw new SystemException( "Condition failed, rolling back"); } }catch( CustomException ce ) { throw new EJBException( ce ); } }
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Retrieving objects efficiently
pointcut threadSafeCalls() : call(void JComponent.revalidate()) || call(void JComponent.repaint(..)) || call(void add*Listener(EventListener)) || call(void remove*Listener(EventListener)); pointcut excludedJoinpoints() : threadSafeCalls() || within(SwingThreadSafetyAspect) || if(EventQueue.isDispatchThread()); pointcut routedMethods() : uiMethodCalls() && !excludedJoinpoints(); pointcut voidReturnValueCalls() : call(void *.*(..)); void around() : routedMethods() && voidReturnValueCalls() && !uiSyncMethodCalls() { Ensures no asynchronous execution Runnable worker = new Runnable() { of methods needing public void run() { synchronous execution proceed(); }};
Resume the reader
Listing 13.6 Using a mock instead of the real DAO to avoid hitting the database
Inserting into the Trace Log
Figure 3.4 Passing an executing object and an argument context from the join point to the advice body. The target object in this case is captured using the target() pointcut, whereas the argument value is captured using the args() pointcut. The current execution object can be captured in the same way using this() instead of target().
Data access with NHibernate
A session bean uses a query that returns an enormous result set too large to pass back to a client in one chunk. You would like to page through the data.
Add a new empty set with a name and stay there.
Crafting the SQL Statements
We ve seen some simple LINQ-based examples for retrieving data from the database with the Entity Framework. Under the covers, the EF turns a LINQ query into a SQL query that the database understands. In fact, there are two ways of getting the EF to query the database for data: LINQ and something called Entity SQL. We ve seen some simple LINQ to Entities examples already, but we ll now look at it in more detail.
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