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17.2.2 Working with actors
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Session session = sessionFactory.openSession(); Transaction tx = session.beginTransaction(); Category computer = (Category) session.load(Category.class, computerId); Category laptops = new Category("Laptops"); computer.getChildCategories().add(laptops); laptops.setParentCategory(computer); tx.commit(); session.close();
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Some scenarios require guaranteed ordered delivery, such as some EDI scenarios, but the queue, as it is, doesn t support ordered delivery. There are several approaches for adding this capability on top of the normal queue service.
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Method/Property detectsPhoneNumbers
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Hibernate Annotations 140 _hibernate_class 74, 173, 339 340 <_hibernate_class> 341 Hibernate Core 29 Hibernate EntityManager 140 Hibernate Query Language. See HQL Hibernate Search 3, 29 configuration-byexception 34 DoubleMetaphone 131 download 31 executing a query 47 guide to annotations 441 listens to Core 42 Metaphone 131 property 214 providing properties 117 query data 43 Refixed Soundex 131 requirements 30 setting up 31 Soundex 131 hibernate.cfg.xml 140 file 34 117, 291 83 343 _results.size 257 strategy.size 257 strategy 156 370 size 154 class 320 320 hibernate.worker.buffer_queue. max 146 hibernate.worker.execution 146 hibernate.worker.jndi 147 hibernate.worker.thread_pool. size 146 hibernate-search.jar 31 hibQuery.scroll() 348 hierarchical tree, DOM 435 Highlighter 400 404 highlighting 81 HPSF. See POI project
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For example, Mscorlib.dll has the core classes of the .NET Framework, so we can pass that to the Load() method:
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@Target({METHOD, FIELD}) @Retention(RUNTIME) Entity class if not public @interface OneToOne { Java generics Class targetEntity() default void.class; CascadeType[] cascade() default {}; FetchType fetch() default EAGER; Relationship boolean optional() default true; owner String mappedBy() default ""; } public enum CascadeType { ALL, PERSIST, MERGE, REMOVE, REFRESH }; public enum FetchType { LAZY, EAGER };
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In most EJB applications, completing business logic in one EJB involves invoking another EJB. In addition, entity bean access is usually through a session bean
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The main program consists of a series of experiments demonstrating the effects of cloning and deep copying. In the first group, Australia is shallow copied. Lines 104 105 show the changing of Australia s clone. The capital is Canberra in the prototype and Sydney in the clone. The statement responsible is on line 72; however, changing the language to Chinese (as is done on line 77) also changes the prototype s language (line 108). That is not what we wanted. We got the error because we did a shallow copy and the language in the prototype and in the clone reference the same DeeperData object. In the next experiment, we clone Germany using a deep copy (line 82). The output on line 118 shows that altering the clone s shallow state its capital (line 87) works correctly, as does altering the deep state its language to Turkish (line 92). Line 121 shows the prototype after the changes; it is unaffected.
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Table A.1 The technologies and techniques in Bitter Java are presented in an order that suits the ongoing refactoring of a set of examples. This table can help you navigate to particular concepts that might interest you. Technologies JSP design and composition Servlet design and composition JDBC, database programming Connections framework XML antipatterns Web services EJBs Caching Model-view-controller Performance antipatterns, tuning, and analysis Antipatterns and the development process Connection pooling Coding standards and programming hygiene 3, 4 3, 4 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 7 7 7 8 5 3, 4 10 1, 2, 11 6 9
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Figure 18-19. The BarcodeLabel form
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