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The preceding sample code loops through all of the available role instances of the current role. As it loops, it could access a collection of any type of role in the application, including itself. So, for each instance, the code checks to see if that instance is the instance the code is running in. If it isn t, the code will send that instance a message. If it s the same instance, the code won t send it a message, because sending a message to oneself is usually not productive. All three ways of communicating with a worker role have their advantages and disadvantages, and each has a role to play in your architecture: Use a queue for complete separation of your instances from the service consumers. Use input endpoints to expose your service publicly and leverage the Azure load balancer. Use internal endpoints for direct and synchronous communication with a specific instance of your service. Now that we ve covered how you can communicate with a worker role, we should probably talk about what you re likely to want to do with a worker role.
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434 Ajax 419 introduction 88 reloading pages 152 allHTTPHeaderFields 401 allTouches 244 altitude Core Location, and 340 iPhone Simulator, and 340 monitor 342 original iPhone, and 340 always-on Internet 10, 83 animation 64 applying to layer 393 block, defining 393 explicit 392 393 implicit 392 in Canvas 121 key frame 392 key frame vs. basic 394 animationDuration 346 animationImages 346 animationRepeatCount 346 Apache, using locally 143 app delegate database 312 app ID, creating 430 App Store, preparing app for distribution 431 Apple Blog 427 Developer Connection 427 Developer Forums 428 Developer Site 428 docs 32 registering as developer with 429 application bundle 297 application delegate 194 linking a new class 202 tasks 194 applicationDidFinishLaunching 194 195, 202, 268, 313 Apps Amuck 428 arc 107 arcTo 107 108 arrayForKey 297 Assisted GPS (A-GPS) 8 attribute, iUI 93 Attributes tab 245, 267 audio file ID 363 Audio File Services 360 Celestial 360 Audio File Stream Services 360 audio queue 363 AudioQueueFlush 364 AudioQueuePause 364
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packaging beans into an ejb.jar file 274 PaginationBean 127 paging through large result sets 126 passing client credentials to the EJB container 234 PasswordBean 108, 121 PasswordHome 5 PatternLayout 250, 252 performance 255 patterns bean adapter 139 session facade 120 performance JMS message delivery 216 logging 254 repeated lookups 31 permissions 235 persisting a home object reference 21 persisting a reference to an EJB instance 18 persisting entity data into a database view 115 point-to-point 200 pool of MDB 208 PortableRemoteObject 7, 10, 18, 20, 28, 32 PortfolioBean 101 102, 104 PortfolioHolding 95 PortfolioHoldingBean 93, 96 PortfolioHoldingHome 95 <pramati > 63 prepareCall 111 preventing access to entity data 239 previous 127 PricingBean 110
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You can download recent builds of the Ajax Control Toolkit from the CodePlex website.
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Using the MultiFieldQueryParser Targeted fields Boost factors
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Functional expressions in the WHERE clause
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Answers to Quiz Questions
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6.1 Sending a publish/subscribe JMS message 6.3 Creating a message-driven Enterprise JavaBean
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private void TestPrecedence.printId() { Introducing method System.out.println( "<SecurityAspect:performSecurityCheck id=" + _id + "/>"); } public pointcut performCall() : call(* TestPrecedence.perform()); before(TestPrecedence test) : performCall() && target(test) { System.out.println("<SecurityAspect:before/>"); Printing introduced data System.out.println(test._id); test.printId(); Invoking introduced } }
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Output the BridgeInvocation instance
Drawing a gradient is a four-step process:
First, not everything is perfect with the Command pattern. Probably the most important issue with this pattern is the requirement for nonpresentation interfaces on the client classpath. Because the BidForItemCommand needs the DAOs, you have to include the persistence layer interface on the client s classpath (even if the command is executed only on the middle tier). There is no real solution, so the severity of this problem depends on your deployment scenario and how easily you can package your application accordingly. Note that the client needs the DAO interfaces only to instantiate a DataAccessCommand, so you may be able to stabilize the interfaces before you work on the implementation of your persistence layer.
|Q | = 0.17612 + 0.47712 + 0.17612 = 0.2896 = 0.5382
Now press Enter to refresh the page, and see that our Gadget is now presented as some XML in the shape of an RSS feed within the browser this is exactly the information that will use to obtain the metadata for our Gadget. Now we copy the URL from the address line of the browser and we can head off to the site to add our Gadget. When we arrive at the site we can click the Add Stuff link in the upper right corner of the page and click on the Advanced Options link from there. Paste the URL we obtained for our Gadget into the text box next to the Subscribe button and press the button to upload the Gadget. At this time the name of our Gadget will appear in the page and we can click Install Gadget to complete the installation process. Dragging the installed Gadget onto our page will present the Gadget as a standard web part on the portal as shown in figure 10.12. That s it we re all done! We ve now Figure 10.12 Our own custom Gadget is run through all of the steps required to shown as it appears when uploaded to the website. build and publish our own custom Gadgets to the portal. The area to focus on from here is to improve our knowledge of Atlas in order to build infinitely more exciting and dynamic Gadgets that access data from web services and present that information in smart and interesting ways. As our skills in this area grow we might even consider uploading some of our coolest Gadget creations to the Gadget directory, allowing others to use them. Regardless of where we choose to go from here, it s easy to see how extensible this technology is and how easy it makes the job of presenting XML-based information on the web.
< xml version="1.0" > <customer> <demograpics> <firstname></firstname> <lastname></lastname> <phone></phone> </demograpics> <order>order 1</order> <order>order 2</order> * * * <order>order n</order> </customer>
Hibernate will now fetch all Items in a Category with a single outer join query when the Category is loaded. However, keep in mind that we usually recommend lazy loading as the default fetching strategy and that Hibernate is limited to one eagerly fetched collection per mapped persistent class. Setting the fetch depth We ll now discuss a global fetching strategy setting: the maximum fetch depth. This setting controls the number of outer-joined tables Hibernate will use in a single SQL query. Consider the complete association chain from Category to Item, and from Item to Bid. The first is a many-to-many association and the second is a oneto-many; hence both associations are mapped with collection elements. If we declare outer-join="true" for both associations (don t forget the special <manyto-many> declaration) and load a single Category, how many queries will Hibernate execute Will only the Items be eagerly fetched, or also all the Bids of each Item
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