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Having arrived at this structure, we can now process it in one of two broad ways: Categorize and summarize the different types of elements making up the course. Apply the structure to the marks recorded for the students to get their results. Both applications involve the Visitor pattern: we set up the structure and then visit it to perform the operations. We ll focus on the first task here and consider the second in the discussion of the Interpreter pattern.
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public static byte[] USER = "Hello".getBytes(); public static byte[] OWNER = "World".getBytes(); public void createPdf(String filename) throws IOException, DocumentException { Document document = new Document(); PdfWriter writer = PdfWriter.getInstance(document, new FileOutputStream(filename)); writer.setEncryption(USER, OWNER, PdfWriter.ALLOW_PRINTING, PdfWriter.STANDARD_ENCRYPTION_128); writer.createXmpMetadata();; document.add(new Paragraph("Hello World")); document.close(); }
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If you have a Mac OS X computer, you can take advantage of its built-in Apache web server to quickly prototype and test web pages. Setting it up is a simple process, as outlined in table 8.1.
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// Create a customer list with sample data private static List<Customer> CreateCustomerList() { List<Customer> customers = new List<Customer> { new Customer { FirstName = "Orlando", LastName = "Gee", EmailAddress = ""}, new Customer { FirstName = "Keith", LastName = "Harris", EmailAddress = "" }, new Customer { FirstName = "Donna", LastName = "Carreras", EmailAddress = "" }, new Customer { FirstName = "Janet", LastName = "Gates", EmailAddress = "" }, new Customer { FirstName = "Lucy", LastName = "Harrington", EmailAddress = "" } }; return customers; }
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margin: 4px; position: absolute; overflow: auto; } .musicalButton{ border: solid navy 1px; width: 60px; height: 60px; position: relative; margin: 2px; float: left; } .do{ background-color: red; } .re{ background-color: orange; } .mi{ background-color: yellow; } .fa{ background-color: green; } .so{ background-color: blue; } .la{ background-color: indigo; } .ti{ background-color: violet; } div.console{ font-family: arial, helvetica; font-size: 16px; color: navy; background-color: white; border: solid navy 2px; width: 536px; height: 320px; top: 106px; left: 24px; margin: 4px; position: absolute; overflow: auto; }
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The MyBase keyword references elements of the base class from which the current class derives. It references only the closest base class; if you have a class named Class5 that derives from Class4, which in turn derives from Class3, which derives from Class2, which derives from Class1, which eventually derives from System.Object, references to MyBase in the code of Class5 refer to Class4. Well, that s almost true. If you try to use MyBase.MemberName, and MemberName doesn t exist in Class4, MyBase will search back through the stack of classes until it finds the closest definition of MemberName.
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The persistence layer is where iBATIS Presentation fits and is therefore the focus of this book. In an object-oriented system, the primary concern of the persistence layer is the storage and retrieval of objects, or more specifically the data Business Object Business Logic Model stored in those objects. In enterprise applications persistence layers usually interact with relational database systems for storing data, although in some cases Persistence other durable data structures and mediAbstraction Layer ums might be used. Some systems may use simple comma-delimited flat files or Persistence Framework XML files. Because of the disparate Driver / Interface nature of persistence strategies in enterprise applications, a secondary concern of the persistence layer is abstraction. The persistence layer should hide all details of how the data is Database being stored and how it is retrieved. Such details should never be exposed to the other layers of the application. Figure 1.3 Persistence layer zoomed to show To better understand these concerns internal layered design and how they re managed, it helps to separate the persistence layer into three basic parts: the abstraction layer, the persistence framework, and the driver or interface, as shown in the lower part of figure 1.3. Let s take a closer look at each of these three parts. The abstraction layer The role of the abstraction layer is to provide a consistent and meaningful interface to the persistence layer. It is a set of classes and methods that act as a fa ade to the persistence implementation details. Methods in the abstraction layer should never require any implementation-specific parameters, nor should it return any values or throw any exceptions that are exclusive to the persistence implementation. With a proper abstraction layer in place, the entire persistence approach including both the persistence API and the storage infrastructure should be able to change without modifications to the abstraction layer or any of
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EJB addresses this problem through a technique called instance pooling, in which each module is allocated some number of instances with which to serve incoming requests (Figure 3-3). Many vendors provide configuration options that allow the deployer to allocate pool sizes appropriate to the work being performed, providing the compromise needed to achieve optimal throughput.
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Implementing the domain model
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Several things should be apparent from this image also:
Summary |
Listing 16.18
The only visible difference between this query and the proximity query that s plainly noticeable is the use of a float value after the ~ (tilde) character. In fuzzy queries this value can range between 0.0 and 1.0, and it s known as the minimumSimilarity. Its meaning will become clear in a minute. Fuzzy queries make use of what is called the Levenshtein distance. This distance is defined as the minimum number of operations needed to transform one string into the other. An excellent discussion of this algorithm is Levenshtein Distance, in Three Flavors by Michael Gilleland, located at This website also contains the source code for the algorithm in three languages: Java, C++, and Visual Basic.
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14.6 POSTing to the web
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