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5.2.1 UserTypes
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transactional Available in a managed environment only. It guarantees full transactional isolation up to repeatable read, if required. Use this strategy for read-mostly data where it s critical to prevent stale data in concurrent transactions, in the rare case of an update. read-write Maintains read committed isolation, using a timestamping mechanism. It s available only in non-clustered environments. Again, use this strategy for read-mostly data where it s critical to prevent stale data in concurrent transactions, in the rare case of an update. nonstrict-read-write Makes no guarantee of consistency between the cache and the database. If there is a possibility of concurrent access to the same entity, you should configure a sufficiently short expiry timeout. Otherwise, you may read stale data in the cache. Use this strategy if data rarely changes (many hours, days or even a week) and a small likelihood of stale data isn t of critical concern. Hibernate invalidates the cached element if a modified object is flushed, but this is an asynchronous operation, without any cache locking or guarantee that the retrieved data is the latest version. read-only A concurrency strategy suitable for data which never changes. Use it for reference data only.
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//--------------------------------------------------------------------------|| // Utility Methods ---------------------------------------------------------|| //--------------------------------------------------------------------------|| /** * Obtains the Thread Context ClassLoader */ static ClassLoader getThreadContextClassLoader() { return AccessController.doPrivileged(GetTcclAction.INSTANCE); } /** * Sets the specified CL upon the current Thread's Context * * @param cl * @throws IllegalArgumentException If the CL was null */ static void setThreadContextClassLoader(final ClassLoader cl) throws Illegal ArgumentException { if (cl == null) { throw new IllegalArgumentException("ClassLoader was null"); } AccessController.doPrivileged(new PrivilegedAction<Void>() { public Void run() { Thread.currentThread().setContextClassLoader(cl); return null; }; });
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Positioning: accelerometers and location
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The first user, whom we deduce is Judith, creates a MySpaceBook (not a SpaceBook) and adds two messages to it. Then, Tom also creates a MySpaceBook, pokes Judith, and adds a message to her page and to his page. Note that the neither the client nor the actual SpaceBook system has any authentication code. This will all be handled in the proxy, whose name is now obvious MySpaceBook. The output for the preceding client code is:
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Solution: the AspectJ way
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<junitreport todir="${}"> <fileset dir="${}"> <include name="TEST-*.xml"/> </fileset> <report format="frames" styledir="${}" todir="${test.reports.dir}"/> </junitreport>
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Listing 8.2 HiSmallWorld MIDlet
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Client-side databases can be viewed in Safari.
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In a unidirectional set, the parent object has a collection, but the objects in the collection have no parent object field:
Chart topping: Feedback, version 2
with a lambda expression. The expression is parsed to pull out the method call (the action) and any arguments passed to it. The arguments are matched with the route values. See the code for yourself on the MvcContrib site: Now it s time to apply this to our widget store s routing rules and make sure that we ve covered the desired cases. We do that in listing 16.12.
In addition to using Spring with JPA, you may find yourself in a situation where you would like to use both Spring and EJB 3 session beans together. Let s examine the possibilities of such integration. Using Spring interfaces inside EJB 3 components Yet another interesting idea is to use some of the Spring interfaces like JDBCTemplate and JMSTemplate or even Spring beans inside EJB 3 components. You can do this either through direct instantiation or access through the Spring application context. Container vendors like JBoss, Oracle, and BEA are working to provide seamless support for integrating Spring beans into session beans and MDBs. This kind of integration is visualized in figure 1.10. We ll discuss combining the power of EJB 3 and Spring in chapter 16.
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19.3.3 Drawing rectangles Drawing paths takes some work, but if you want to draw a rectangle, Quartz makes it easy. All you have to do is use one of a few functions listed in table 19.5. These functions take care of the path creation, drawing, and painting for you in a single step.
Association with toplevel transaction control flow
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