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The source image is read from disk with the help of the rpic() subroutine from PDL::IO::Pic, and the values of the pixels are converted to a double type. This is a precaution to avoid rounding errors and overflow problems while performing the convolution calculations. The piddle (PDL object) returned by rpic() is of a different dimensionality depending on whether the image read is a monochrome, grayscale, or RGB image.8 For monochrome or grayscale images, the piddle will have the dimensions (width, height), and for RGB images (3, width, height). The dims() method returns a list of dimension sizes of a piddle. The number of elements in @dims can be used to distinguish between these two cases:
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Starting a project
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Underlying the effects is the concept of a transition object, which can be parameterized in terms of duration and event handlers to be invoked when the transition ends. Several base transition types, such as linear, sinusoidal, wobble, and pulse, are provided. Creating a custom effect is simply a matter of combining core effects and passing in suitable parameters. A detailed discussion of building custom effects is beyond the scope of this brief overview. We ll see Scriptaculous effects in use again in chapter 6, when we develop a notifications system. The second feature that Scriptaculous provides is a drag-and-drop library, through the Sortable class. This class takes a parent DOM element as an argument and enables drag-and-drop functionality for all its children. Options passed in to the constructor can specify callback handlers for when the item is dragged and dropped, types of child elements to be made draggable, and a list of valid drop targets (that is, elements that will accept the dragged item if the user lets go of it while mousing over them). Effect objects may also be passed in as options, to be executed when the item is first dragged, while it is in transit, and when it is dropped. Rico Rico, like Scriptaculous, is based on the Prototype library, and it also provides some highly customizable effects and drag-and-drop functionality. In addition, it provides a concept of a Behavior object, a piece of code that can be applied to part of a DOM tree to add interactive functionality to it. A few example Behaviors are provided, such as an Accordion widget, which nests a set of DOM elements within a given space, expanding one at a time. (This style of widget is often referred to as outlook bar, having been popularized by its use in Microsoft Outlook.) Let s build a simple Rico Accordion widget. Initially, we require a parent DOM element; each child of the parent will become a pane in the accordion. We define a DIV element for each panel, with two further DIVs inside that, representing the header and the body of each panel:
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Once you ve got an NSURL in hand, you can do any number of things with it:
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The contents of both UpdatePanel controls are nearly identical. They differ only in their settings of the RenderMode property. Figure 6.5 shows the difference between how each UpdatePanel renders its contents. In the first panel, the <span> tag is used to render the contents of the panel inline. The second panel uses a <div> tag to define a division or section in a document, resulting in the UpdatePanel s contents being placed below the previous contents. As you learn how the UpdatePanel is used, it s just as important to understand how it works. An essential piece of this puzzle is examining its relationship with the ASP.NET page lifecycle.
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/eventType BuildCompletionEvent /address /deliveryType EmailHtml /collection http://tfs1:8080/tfs/CiDotNet
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* a state of emergency. Anyone may invoke this support, * and when an alert is raised we'll close the local school. * * @author <a href="">ALR</a> * @version $Revision: $ */ public interface FireDepartmentLocalBusiness { // ---------------------------------------------------------------------------|| // Contracts -----------------------------------------------------------------|| // ---------------------------------------------------------------------------|| /** * Declares a state of emergency, so we must close the local school */ void declareEmergency(); }
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15.1 What are web services and what is SOAP 356 15.2 Creating a SOAP client application with Ant 357 15.3 Creating a SOAP service with Axis and Ant 363 15.4 Adding web services to an existing web application 367 15.5 Writing a client for our SOAP service 371 15.6 What is interoperability, and why is it a problem 376 15.7 Building a C# client 376 15.8 The rigorous way to build a web service 381 15.9 Reviewing web service development 382 15.10 Calling Ant via SOAP 383 15.11 Summary 384
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How many joins are required to express this in SQL Even if you get the answer right, it takes more than a few seconds to figure out. The answer is three; the generated SQL looks something like this:
To invoke a message-driven bean, simply send a JMS message to the proper destination.
public class SquareActivity extends Activity { @Override public void onCreate(Bundle icicle) { super.onCreate(icicle); setContentView(new DrawingSurfaceView(this)); } class DrawingSurfaceView extends SurfaceView implements SurfaceHolder.Callback { public SurfaceHolder mHolder; public DrawingThread mThread;
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