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Figure 9.4 Refactoring the catalog service to use a database connection pool improves the scalability without sacrificing code complexity.
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Making use of existing libraries is only half the story, of course. What if you want to produce your own library
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PlaceBid placeBid = (PlaceBid)context.lookup("PlaceBid");
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The classic page-based application model is hard-wired into many of the frameworks that we use, and also into our ways of thinking. Let s take a few minutes to discover what these core assumptions are and how we need to rethink them to get the most out of Ajax.
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CGPath commands and their CGContext equivalents CGContext Function
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Example C-11. The markup file for Exercise 3-2
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public void service(HttpServletRequest req, HttpServletResponse res) { // obtain the SessionFactory instance Session s = factory.openSession(); if (!s.isConnected()) { s.reconnect(); } // perform some unit of work, like retrieving an object s.disconnect(); HttpSession session = req.getSession(); session.setAttribute("hibernate.session", session); }
Preverify Utility
Apply a solarization filter to an image, which negates all pixels above the specified threshold. This produces a similar effect to exposing a photographic film to light during the development process.
Figure 18.2 When writing to the trace channel, the entries are stored by the Windows Azure diagnostic trace listener to the Azure log, which can then be gathered and stored in your storage account for analysis. The trace output is also displayed in the dev fabric UI during development.
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Text suggest handling the Ajax response We went to a lot of trouble to provide a robust request-sending capability, so we d better make sure we properly handle the response or all our hard work will be in vain. Recall that Rico s ajaxEngine routes the request back to the handler object s ajaxUpdate() method, passing the content of the <response> element. So, by implication, we must write an ajaxUpdate() method, and that method will be the entry point into our response handling. The ajaxUpdate() method is shown in listing 10.24 along with its parsing helper methods, createSuggestions() and getElementContent().
(Application State)
How do you get your application from development into QA What about getting your application to your users in the production environment That s what the next step, deploying (see figure 12.13) is all about. Chances are, you have a few scripts in your CI process that push the compiled bits out to your QA department. But what if QA isn t ready for that build Did you just overwrite the version they had only partially tested You may also have multiple environments that you support, such as 32- and 64-bit. Do you have different configurations of the software for each environment Why not let QA pull the latest build when they re ready for it That s the idea behind self-service test deploys. And a single, standardized configuration for each environment is essential. It not only makes it easier to program, it also makes testing significantly easier.
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