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} } public Object[] next() { if( total == 0 ) return null; Object[] rvalue = null; int count = page; //try to return a full page
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// required to fulfill IEnumerable System.Collections.IEnumerator System.Collections.IEnumerable.GetEnumerator( ) { throw new NotImplementedException( ); }
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Figure 8.4 Fragment of the HTML profile report generated by Venkman showing the number of calls and total, minimum, maximum, and average time for each method that listens to the mouse movements over the mousemat DOM element in our example page.
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<many-to-one name="location" column="location_id" class="Location" cascade="save-update" />
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The Script Explorer window lets you set breakpoints in script files loaded in the page.
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If it s a multithreaded application, it s usually OK to call a blocking API on a worker thread. It s a bad idea only if you re on the UI thread, but that s the thread that all the interesting UI stuff happens on, so it s an easy mistake to make.
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In this example code, you re importing a method called FindFirstFile from kernel32, which is called by the DLL. This line of code defines a series of parameters you ll need to provide to the method for it to work. The first parameter, lpFileName, is the path of the folder you want to look in. The second parameter, lpFindFileData, is a variable that the results will be stored in. The FindFirstFile method also returns a handle to an object that will be your pointer into the filesystem. You ll use this handle to iterate through the folder you re pointing at by calling another imported method, FindNextFile. Always remember to close any handle objects you re using
The ClientAccessPolicy.xml file displayed in listing 10.3 states at q that any Silverlight application hosted at (the BLOB storage account of your Silverlight application) can access the third-party web service. Your application would also be able to access the service if the domain URI at q was set to *, which would indicate that any Silverlight application hosted at any website could access it. ClientAccessPolicy.xml is a cross-domain policy file that s used solely by Silverlight applications. Silverlight applications can also access web services that host a CrossDomain.xml file (a format that s supported by both Flash and Silverlight). The following listing shows a CrossDomain.xml file that your BLOB storage-hosted application could communicate with.
Declare the rotors and reflector
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