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package org.example.antbook.ant.lucene; import; import; import junit.framework.TestCase;
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Categories are used if you want to add behavior to a class without subclassing. As usual, you do so by creating a new pair of files containing @interface and @implementation code. This time, you no longer need to worry about the superclass name but must include a category name in parentheses, as follows:
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The or operator, which uses the symbol ||, evaluates to true if either variable is true:
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It might seem like the iPhone acceleration data is all mushed together, but it s easy to isolate exactly the data that you need using basic electronics techniques. A low-pass filter passes low-frequency signals and attenuates high-frequency signals. That s what you ll use to reduce the effects of sudden changes in your data, such as would be caused by an abrupt motion. A high-pass filter passes high-frequency signals and attenuates low-frequency signals. That s what you ll use to reduce the effects of ongoing forces, such as gravity. We ll see examples of these two filtering methods in the upcoming sections.
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See Hello! HTML5 and CSS3 at The book is to be published in spring 2011.
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You can now iterate through this array, printing out the properties of the BugFixAttri bute object. Example 17-2 replaces the Main method in the Tester class from Example 17-1.
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select new { Name = newShirt.Name, Description = newShirt.Description };
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b Create a polygon, and
set_age : function(value) { if(isNaN(value) || value < 0) { throw Error.argument('age'); } this._age = 0; } } Pet.registerClass('Pet');
Stubs result of GetCurrentUser
Notice that the second dimension is not specified. This value is set by creating a new array for each row. Each of these arrays can have a different size:
Translate polar sub polar2cart to Cartesian { my ($r, $angle) = @_; return ($xc + $r * cos($angle), $yc + $r * sin($angle))
So far, whenever we wanted to animate something we had to build a Timeline and use it to manipulate the variables we wanted to change. It doesn t take a rocket scientist to realize a handful of common node properties (location, rotation, opacity, etc.) are frequent targets for animation. We could save a lot of unnecessary boilerplate if we created a library of prebuilt animation classes, pointed them at the nodes we wanted to animate, and then let them get on with the job. If you haven t guessed by now, this is what transitions are. Let s have another look at the code in the last section:
358 LayoutInfo (class) 144 layoutX (variable) 128, 144, 229 layoutY (variable) 102, 128, 220, 223, 253 light synthesizer 109 LightShow project application class, version 1 115 application class, version 2 124 color animation 126 raindrop construction 110 raindrop node 110, 114 115 running version 1 118 running version 2 127 swirling lines mechanics 121 swirling lines node 118 119 line charts 187 188 LinearGradient (class) 159 160, 196, 199, 255, 276 LineChart (class) 189 Linux 11, 82, 153, 316 localization 26 logic operations 22 Long (value type) 18 look- n -feel 81 loops 171, 278, 281 sequence-based 70 73 Lupton, Sally 204
This object chooses to define just a single property, called Brigadoon. Our TryGetMember will be called anytime some code attempts to read a property from our object. The GetMemberBinder argument provides the name of the property the caller is looking for, so we compare it against our one and only supported property name. The binder also tells us whether the caller prefers a case-sensitive comparison in C# IgnoreCase will be false, but some languages (such as VB.NET) prefer case-insensitive comparisons. If the name matches, we then decide at runtime whether the property should be present or not this particular property is available for only a day at a time once every 100 years. This may not be hugely useful, but it illustrates that objects may choose whatever rules they like for deciding what properties to offer.
Alignment in composite mode
In listing 16.4 you will see no difference in using a POJO because EJB 3 session beans are also POJOs. In the Spring bean, we ve defined an instance variable for the EJB interface ItemManager b and we use setter injection to inject an instance of the EJB object c and invoke a method on the EJB d. You must be wondering where the actual magic happens. We aren t doing a JNDI lookup, and we re not using the @EJB annotation to inject an EJB object. The real magic occurs in wiring the EJB in the Spring configuration, as shown in listing 16.5. Spring has factory classes for wiring invocation of EJB 2.1 session beans. Fortunately, you don t need those and you can use the JndiObjectFactoryBean.
10.4 Summary
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